Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jose' Dempere's Thursday, November 15, 2007 Scribe

Welcome to Thursday!

Today we started the class off with some fun banter. Then we were interrupted by a fire drill and made record time: two minutes!

But that's beside the point...

After being displaced from our classroom, we got back and talked about the This I Believe Essay Assignment. Things to remember:

  • The podcast is due Monday the 26th of November. You will put the podcast in the drop box.

  • The essay in itself is due Monday the 19th. This means that you will submit the essay to NPR. org, and they will give you a thank-you note. Print that out and have it signed by your parents.

  • Don't forget to turn in a copy of the essay into the drop box!!!

After this, we worked on the The Chosen background presentations. That is due tommorow, so don't forget!!!


Happy Autumn... No, Wait... What is that?

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