Monday, November 26, 2007

Blogging Rules! And I'm Not Being Faceitious

Today we started off by checking to make sure that our TIB essays and podcasts showed up in Ms. Smith's dropbox. Then, the inevitable "What did you have for Thanksgiving?" question was asked, and I just had to mention that I had eaten a Tur-duc-hen, which is a chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey. My Uncle pointed out it was a good thing that it wasn't a duck inside a turkey inside a chicken, because then it would be a Chic-tur-den. Either way it was pretty gross. We also talked about the homework that was due:
  • read chapter 5
  • start your relationship trace (due 12/4)
  • venn diagram (due wednesday)

We talked a lot about the relationship trace between Reuven, David, Danny and Reb. I'm curious to see what develops between now and the end of book two. We then started our quizzes on chapters 1-4. It focused a lot on main ideas instead of specifics, so when you're reading tonight I'd suggest making note of any big developments in relationships or character.

Final thoughts: I thought that class was a little dry for me today, but hey you've got to have some boring days. I kinda miss the SAT words, because we got to do those fawesome activites and expand our vocabulary. Most of you guys probably don't care about that second part, but Hannah and I enjoy using superfluous and flamboyant words. I think that Keke's hair deserves honorable mention for today. Pretty sweet.

Signing off,

P.S. I thought that Hannah's recipe idea was cool, so I'll leave you with this fawesome music video by Paramore. Just go to this address:

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hannahl said...

Nice Mac! I like your "superfluous and flamboyant" comment. Very nice!