Friday, November 16, 2007

Parker H's Scribe of 11-15-07

Hey everyone. It's almost Friday. Yay! I sort of got an easy day to scribe. We started the day with the usual, "Hello, everybody. Hello, Mrs, Smith." We talked about the TIB essay a little. Mostly, it was when it was due. I'm sure you know when it's due. I hope so. We then split into our Chosen Background groups. A full hour for our presentations was definitely needed. My group's project, or Mackenzie ( I hope I spelled that right), Becky, Melissa, Stephen, and I, is awesome. Well, I think its at least good. The google doc's updating feature gave us some good laughs. There was banter about whose project was best. At the end, we packed up and hoped we were ready for our presentations tomorrow. Good luck.

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Megan H said...

Wow, these are some good notes for the day.