Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Period Two Scibe-November 27, 2007

Hello Period Two! After the bell rang, Ms. Smith let us know that we all need to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special tonight.

Watch it tonight at seven on ABC! The final Dancing with the Stars comes on after that. Who are you rooting for- Mel B., Helio, or Marie?

In class, today we got into a ♥circle of love♥,and we discussed Book One of The Chosen. We shared our thoughts and connections about the book. After the discussion, Ms. Smith was kind enough to give us time to read The Chosen or work on the venn diagram and relationship trace.
  • Venn Diagram due tomorrow
  • Make sure you are done reading chapter six of The Chosen.
  • Relationship trace due next Tuesday (12/4/07)

It was a wonderful and productive day in Period Two!

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