Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday December 4, 2007-Scribe Period 5

Today in class, we started off by organizing the tables into two rectangular shapes which we would use for the two fish bowls (double bubbles) as the discussion test/quiz.
In the discussion, some things that were talked about were:
  • The selfishness of Danny that he might or might not have
  • Whether or not Danny would take the position of rabbi after his father
  • The growing or shrinking of the relationship of Reuven and Danny

The homework for tonight is just to relax because smith is going to give us a break from all the work we have had to do. (Thank you very much) But our class needs to collaborate with each other and decide what the totally awesome gift we are getting her for Christmas. Tomorrow we will have a sub and we get to use the whole class period to read!!!! Hooray!

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