Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Do You Have What It Takes to Challenge the System?

Well, Macbeth, Jack, Montag, and Danny sure did.
Here is a full proof method to challenging the system.
1. The very first thing you need to challenge the system is fuel to power your fire. For Macbeth it was ambition, Jack a need for power, Montag a yearning for knowledge, and Danny a lifetime of silence.
2. The next thing you need is a spark. For Macbeth it was a prophecy, Jack a caught pig, Montag a new found friend, and Danny a Freud filled book.
3. Then, an accomplice or two comes in handy. Whether it is Lady Macbeth, Roger, Faber, or Rueven, a support system always helps you through the tough times.
4. At this time a plan needs to be made. For some it was a murder, a carefully placed speech, a rebellion against the government, or a college path not laid out by his father, but what will it be for you?
5. Finally it has to be played out. No matter whom you are actions speech the strongest. Even the best plans in the world don’t matter if they are never put into action.

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