Thursday, December 13, 2007

Period Five Scribe 12/13/07

Hello everybody. This is my second time scribing, because I accidentally deleted my other scribe. Today is the thirteenth of December, and for those of you who weren't in class today (Alex) our homework was to scribe(which I am doing right now for the second time), to figure out what you are getting Ms. Smith for Christmas, and to have the first 62 pages of A Whole New Mind read by the end of break. We also had an opportunity to blog with Daniel Pink tonight about two hours ago.
We started off the day by talking about the different people we might blog with about A Whole New Mind and Ms. Smith hopes that we get some guy, who I can't remember his name. I think it sounds like Gregor Mendel the guy from biology who discovered cells. Anyway, she thinks that our class is the only one who can handle all his oppostion to the book A Whole New Mind because HOUR 5 IS THE BEST HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After our discussion, we split up into our groups to help us prepare for our CHALLENGING THE SYSTEM final. We split up into our five groups that represent the five steps to challenge the system... the FUEL, the SPARK, the ACCOMPLICE, the PLAN, and the ACTION and worked on our posters. Tomorrow, we will collaborate all five posters so that we all get A's on our final essay. Until tomorrow when we meet again, but until then keep on learning although the bell has already rang. :)

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