Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Period 2 Scribe 12/4/07

Happy Holidays!

Hey period 2!

Our relationship traces were due today!
Today in class we split up into two different groups for the discussion quiz. Smith suggested we talk about book 1 and 2, challenging the system, and our relationship traces and visual comparisons. Some of the topics my group discussed:
-How Reuven is spending every Shabbat with Danny and Reb and how he is getting used to the hasidic faith
- What Reb said about not waiting for the Messiah and how he disagrees with that
-We also compared Reb Saunders and David Malter and their beliefs

  • Reb thinks God will fix all their problems and that the jewish people shouldn't act on anything and just wait for the Messiah to come. David thinks that the jewish people need more rabbis and teachers and that they should make their way to Palestine and make it a Jewish "state".

- We also dicussed how Reb would act when Danny tells him that he does not want to become the tzaddik

  • If he doesn't become the tzaddik he might lose the relationship with his father

  • If he takes up the role of the tzaddik he will have to forget his dreams

-We talked about growing up in silence and if that allows Danny and Reb to get to know each other better and comparing growing up in silence and with talking.

-Danny's study of psychology

-the symbolism of eyes and sickness and also the connection between eyes and silence.

-how Danny has change due to his study of Freud

  • His ideas and morals are being challenged

  • the Talmud says silence is good

  • Freud says talking is good

  • Contridicting ideas

-How Reb talks to Danny through Reuven

-Danny's sstruggles with health, talking, and balancing his interests

- Jews in Europe were struggling and so were the Jews in America, people didn't do anything when all the Jews were being killed

-how sickness is being spread through the Saunders family


  • problems lead to CTS

  • problem in the Chosen, Danny doesn’t want to be the tzaddik

  • problem in LOF stranded on the island want to get off get rescued and the other have fun

  • how do you leave the system?
  • Reuven and Danny are challenging the system

  • role of Reb and David when it comes to CTS

  • They are in a way challenging Reb

  • Reb challenging orthodox system by Reuven be Danny’s friend


Pink Letter, late start tomorrow, and think about the gift you are going to give Smith for Christmas

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