Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More from December 4th's Period Two

Today in class, after going over the agenda and homework, the class split into 2 discussion groups and talked about The Chosen just like we did with Fahrenheit 451. Our participation in this discussion counted as our quiz grade over book two. My group had a slow start, but pretty soon we were talking about:

The role that Rueven plays in the relationship between Reb and Danny Saunders
  • He acts as a way for Danny and Reb to communicate because they don't talk to each other
  • Reb uses Reuven to find out what Danny does with his time in the library
  • He acts as a buffer between them

The role of Danny's siblings in the story

  • Reb promises his daughter when she is two
  • Danny's brother might be able to take Danny's place if he decides not to be a tzaddik

The reason for the quiet relationship between Danny and Reb

  • Reb is too busy
  • Reb wants Danny to find answers on his own
  • He wants Danny to decide what's important to him

The symbolism of the fly in the web passage

  • The fly can represent Danny feeling trapped because he has no choice but to become a tzaddik like his father

How Reb's past relationships might be affecting his relationship with his new family

  • He doesn't want to get to close
  • His family is not more important than his religion

No homework tonight!!!!!

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