Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hey Period 2 Sacrifice Group

Hey we need as many ideas as you all can come up with the element of sacrifice for challenging the system. All the work we have accomplished so far will be posted as a comment to this post. Any ideas would be great


stefo said...

ok here is all our works so far. I will keep updating it when needed.

Sacrifice of former self and former life

Choice has a big factor in what is lost and gained

Things that are sacrificed:







loss Material things

loss of sanity

loss of respect from others

Gain new respect for your self

gain new perpective

gain everything and from losing everything

in both good and bad way

Examples from book

In the Chosen Danny has to chose whether to follow his fathers expectations, his culture and his fellow hasids expectations or to follow his own dreams.

Montag had to give up his whole life, his job, his wife, his friends in exchange for truth and knowledge and books. In a sense fate was almost already working against the system because the the cities were bombed. From the ashed comes a new beginning. So from sacrifice comes new life

In Macbeth he gains more than he loses at a time. But he loses the loyalty of his friends, respect, and his old morals

In The Lord of the Flies Ralph also loses his friends, his former self, and civilization. But he gains the terrible knowledge of mankind at its core

amandah said...

how can we show these through pictures????