Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh My Goodness Its the period 5 Scribe!!! 12/7/07

Class started off with the usual "Hello Ms. Smith" which I notice is always said in complete unison...Choral Responses as they call them ^_^.

After that we talked with Ms. Smith about her trip to The Denver Tech Center and how she felt...*dramatic pause*....inferior to the other teachers there. Apparently, the food there wasn't very good though. We talked a bit about Mr. Booth, the fischbowl, and how so many people in the past thought computers would never be used in schools...haha isn't it ironic?

Next Ms. Smith explained the task for the day which was to post a thoughtful and thorough response to the reality check blog question. Our answers may affect the lives of many students here at AHS because technology in learning is at stake. Ms. Smith and many other teachers want technology to be a larger part in student life and so they and many students (like myself) think there should be way more then just 3 laptop classes....wouldn't it be sweet if our comments actually made a difference in school?

This is clearly not education as usual people!!!

After the explanation we were set free to work and once we finished we were allowed to begin the homework assignment which was to read chapters 15-17 of The Chosen.


morganw said...

This semester has been the best learning opportunity that I’ve ever had. My learning ability has increased so much; I can barely begin to describe it. I never thought that having laptops in my English class would effect my growth in learning as much as it has. Having laptops in even just one class has allowed me to advance in all of my classes, not just my laptop class. It has taught me how to multi-task, to cooperate with others, the importance of proofreading, how to access information from online sources, and how to best utilize the tools and resources that are available to me. Most importantly though, I have learned that you cannot confine learning to one specific definition or location. Learning can happen anywhere, you don’t need to put limits on it. My teachers Mrs. Cornils and Ms. Smith have helped me understand this concept. Working with laptops has forced me problem solve (for we all know computers can have their share of problems) without compromising my learning. I could spend all day in my laptop class and still have a thirst for learning. I can’t even imagine how much I could learn if I were to have a personal laptop and if all of my classes were laptop classes.

Now my learning knows no boundaries; this may sound corny, but it honestly does not. I look up information about topics we are studying in my various classes outside of assignments and classrooms. I want to learn. I now schedule appointments with my teachers just to talk to them about my learning – I’m that hooked on it. The teachers and staff at Arapahoe High School have lifted my learning to new levels by allowing me access to technology during school. I have done Geometry, Science, English, History, ICA, Theatre, and Spanish homework on a computer. Technology has become vitally important to my learning and being a producer of knowledge.

I have always been an active learner, but this year has changed that. Now I not only have a thirst for knowledge and learning, but I am a producer of knowledge as well. I go out and seek information. I owe this new change to my teachers, who have been pushing me to the edge and telling me to build a bridge with only my mind. At first glance the task may seem impossible, but the more you look at the problems, the more ways you can figure out to solve them. You can use teamwork to help, teachers will always assist you, and you slowly start to make some sense out of the problem. The more you think about it and work on it, the more time you want to spend on it. Pretty soon you glance back and realize that you have made the bridge and are back in a comfort zone again. At this point, you could simply stop and stay where you are comfortable, or you can go on, push yourself to the next edge and figure out how to cross it. By this time, you are thriving on knowledge and learning and it never even occurs to you to stop. So you go on, and face harder and harder challenges. The harder the challenge, the more fun and excitement you have. Learning becomes a way of life for you. You search out learning opportunities in your everyday life. This is how I feel my learning has developed.

mattw said...


that was truly beautiful lauren... ya...