Monday, December 10, 2007

Scibe'in Rachel Sabey

So Today class started without the normal Hi Mrs. Smith, it was devistating but we got through thanks to Mark and Molly. (Mark said he thought Molly was crazy and Smith asked him if he just realized that...Molly than was questioned and she came to the conclusion that she wasn't sure if she was crazy or not. Oh and for thr Record Molly I dont think you are crazy!!!)We went through our schedule and Home work. We breifly discussed chapters 15-17 intending not to give away much due to our scored discussion tomorrow. Than we read allowed Chapter 18 (the last in the Chosen!!!) and looked for a quote we thought best describes the ideas of the book to you. Then we came up with a few Questions for tomorrows disscusion. Our Homework was to Finish the book, scribe (which I'm doing) and never forget Smith and what your going to get her for Christmas. Remember she likes Banana Republic known by Mrs. Smith as the Banana. Well Class today was just that simple . So ya see ya tommrow!!! Sleep well( thats probably acward but being the Clueless person I am Sweet Dreams)

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