Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Period 2 Scribe for December 5th!!!

To start off class, the people who haven't yet given their signed Daniel Pink letter to Ms. Smith or had their parents send an email were reminded to do this. Now I'm reminding them again :-)
And today was a late start day, so naturally the "Hello Ms. Smith" at the beginning of class was a little more enthusiastic because we'd all slept in!
Then Molly and Ms. Smith talked about Chuck (nothing new there!). We were reminded of the question we should be mulling over night and day---"What are you getting Smith for Christmas?" Starbucks card, anyone?
We then had the rest of the class to either read Ch. 13 of The Chosen or read ahead.
And then the bell rang after a 40-minute shortened class and Period 2 English 9 Honors for December 5th was over! :-(

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