Monday, December 10, 2007

Period 5 Scribage December 10

What's up my peeps? It's period 5 English December 10.

"Hello everybody."

"Hello Mrs. Smith!!"


-Read Chapter 18

-Pick one quote that embodies the entire book and prepare to defend your point.

-Create questions for discussion tomorrow.

-React to semester reflections and pod casts

Today we are going to briefly discuss 15-17.

Hannah points out that the only way to learn Torah is in silence. When Rueven had nothing, that was the time he made the discovery on the hard Talmud text.

Leslie is confused about the dialogue about silence and how it can be heard.

Dawnielle says that the first silence was between Danny and his Dad- Silence tests relationship-but doesn't work. The second silence was a test of Danny and Rueven's relationships. Parker says that WWI veterans (artillery men) couldn't stand the silence.

Christina said that silence tests yourself. Rueven's father urged Rueven to hear the silence.

Becky says that silence is a detrimental part of being a tzaddik. In silence, one cannot mask one's feelings.

Hannah says that when there is a snow storm, she walks outside and listens to the eerie silence. I've done that too! It's so amazing. She says that you can examine your feelings that you normally couldn't have time to do.

Keke says that she found that the book debates the good and bad of silence. The two characters clash in this way. She thinks that you can only fell-not hear-silence.

Stephen says that silence is good and bad. He was at Cub Scouts and he can feel God in the silence.

Whitney says that she can learn much more about a person when they are silent and that you can analyze those feelings.

Becky says that you can turn toward the happy things when talking, but in silence, you look around and see what is really happening-sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Mellisa is wondering why David is so upset about the silence.

Smith: Is is disappointment or no understanding.

Mac remembers the way a seashell sounds-traps you.

Christina says that through silence that you can gain truthfulness. She also says that the silence reminds her of monks.

Ryan says that the other day he was in an argument and how there is a moment of silence when you stare at each other.

Hannah says that in 451 there was always a distraction,

Leslie says that she noticed that Potok likes to show dialogue without quotations and unconventional dialogue. He constantly breaks the pattern.

Mellisa thinks it was odd for Reb to break the silence between Danny and Rueven.

Whitney says that it could also be because Reb needs to see Rueven.

Stephen says that it is like blind fury. He also thinks of a quote-knowledge speaks, knowledge listens-by Jimmy Hendrix. Great connection!

Morgan T says that Rueven was caught in selfishness when he refused to see Reb, but he needed to be a buffer.

Then we read- one group composes of people like Ryan and Mac who want to read aloud and a group of myself and the majority of the class who want to read silently.

I was just thinking- everybody always has an interesting picture or link on the blog. This morning I was greatly depressed that it was Monday, so I tried to cheer myself up with a video- and I found the funniest thing I think I've ever seen. It's called human tetris, and it is huge in Japan. It's always funny watching a bunch of idiots getting knocked into a pool of an ominous yellow liquid.
Well, we have reached the end of our day in period 5 as we are all reading Chapter 18 of The Chosen. I need to get reading! Happy holidays everybody!
Jordan Hall signing off from Period 5, back to you in the newsroom, Jim!


hannahl said...

Ha ha thanks for the video! It made me laugh really loud! Made my day!

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that's good! it's what they are paid to do!