Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Scribe for the 5th Day in the Wonderful Month of December

Well, it's my turn to scribe today. Ms. Smith is missing and a few of us thought of forming a searching party before we realized it was a scheduled absence. Today our sub is the charming Mr. Rosenberg. Our goal is to read chapter 13 in The Chosen for a discussion tomorrow. Some of us dive into our tattered copies and begin reading, while others shut down the laptops(which the sub allows us to use this time!) clear their space, and open their books searching for the bookmark they left on page one-hundred ninety nine, but is instead lying on the bedside table at home.(oops) Book Three on page two-hundred six, opens with a quote. "A word is worth one coin, silence is worth two," which certainly describes the atmosphere of the classroom. Our homework for this marvelous 5th of December is basically, read chapter 13 and continue to ponder the question that is slowly taking control over our minds; what are YOU getting Ms. Smith for Christmas?


ryanm said...

I wanted to add on to this scribe.
In yesterdays news there was a shooting in a mall in Omaha Nebraska where I am from. i thought i would include a thoughts and prayers section for any victim's families. Thank you.

morganw said...

They are most definitly in my and my family's thoughts and prayers.

ryanm said...

Your thoughts are very much appreciated. Thank you.