Thursday, December 6, 2007

PERIOD 2!! "scribin it up"

First of all I would like to express my sadness. I was very sad that Mrs. Smith wasn't in class today. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the sub though. He is a wise man. Of course class started with Molly saying something odd and everyone bursting out in confused laughter. Then the laughter ended with Molly and Mark exchanging puzzled glances. After that daily occurance we were off to the races. We got into small groups and "discussed the book". It was good to get an understanding on things. As a class we were surprisingly quiet in the large group discussion. Nicole and Molly had there little discussion across the class room and we went on reading individually. The reading was pleasing(in a sarcastic voice) as usual. Class seemed to end abruptly. I can say that today was a Good Day! (except for Mrs.Smith missing out)

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MollyS said...

so nile, i think your color choices for a blog are awesome! good job haha