Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scribe Per.2 of 12/11/07

Well, Here goes.

Today in class was the first time Mrs. Smith got an Intergetic "Hello Mrs. Smith" from the whole class, and we didn't have to repeat it.
After saying hello, we circled up and disscussed Book three, and then the book in general.
Here are some selected topics we disscussed:

-Differance between "suffering now-enjoy later" VS try to enjoy and avoid suffering at all costs.
-Will Danny raise his kid in silence?
-Difference between Reb's way to find answers (no talking) VS phsycologists way of finding answers (talk it out)
-Will Danny and Reuven Still Remain freinds after their paths split?
-Importance of eyes

When we were discussing, Molly mentioned that Reuven seemed like a player since he had a date every weekend, which I got a kick out of. What would we do if we didn't have Molly?


If this is classic art

And this is modern art

What is the world coming to?

INTERESTING FACT O' THE DAY: Both Pheobe's step-dad and one of Mrs. Smith's parents are phsycologists.

Now For The Sad Part...

The plauge of finals has finally reached English class

That's right, tonight's HW is to create an outline of the big Ideas for challenging the system.

Include ideas from all texts (LOTF, 451, Macbeth, The Chosen) in this web

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