Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ashley for Period 5

Hello fellow classmates, this is Ashley F. My blogger is silly so I have to use Maddie's. We didn't get to meet all together for too long today, so i'll tell you a little about what happened from my observations.

Come back Ms. Smith!! Good choice of sub today though, he knows what he's talking about. Many people became annoyed by the length of the chapter today. The chapter was about Zionism. During the small group discussion, the class was very gender segregated. We have got to get over our fear of cooties! Well anyways, we thought that Danny is a very anti-social kid, and his dad took away his only friend.

During the discussion we also found that Maddie is OCD. Yay Maddie. Alex really wowed us today.... and what about Cate, she drives really well, she even ran into a tree. Maddison has some craker jacks. Ron from Harry Potter wasnt played by the right person---Maddie disagreed. Nunca, means NEVER!!!! Maddie is plum out of ideas.Though every one is tainting the scribing experience, this is what they wanted me to say.------Maddie likes pananas. Let's get serious.

Symbol of the "eye" became a basis for much conversation. The simple writting of the story was broken into this paragraph about the meaning of man.

Some feel that Reb Saunders will never change his ways. Why is Reb Saunders SO agaisnt Zionism? Cate stated that people need a balance of religion and reality in life. Morgan said, in the large group, that the simple story makes you have to become a part of the story. Dawnielle made a remark about the last line of chapter 13, where Reuven remembers that day they met, and how you must think about the series of events after that. Over all, good day of conversation.

Home Work: Read Chapter 14 and What are You Getting Ms. Smith for Christmas? (or should I say Hannukkah????) :)

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