Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Scribe for December 4th, 2nd hour

Today we started class by closing our laptops and putting the desks into two groups, and we started two open conversations about books one and two of The Chosen. In my group, the conversation had a slow start, but after someone started talking things flowed really well.

We came up with a few different topics of conversation, but most were centered around Danny. These are some topics we discussed:

  • Danny an Reb's relationship

  • Danny's feelings about his brother

  • How Danny felt trapped

  • Whether or not Danny would abandon his inherited job

  • Why Reb decided to raise Danny in silence

  • How Reb's past affects him now

  • Why Danny's sister is significant in the story, and the possibility of Reuven liking her

For homework, Ms. Smith decided to give us a break and our only homework is to think of what we're going to get her for Christmas. Tommorow we have a sub, and we get to read all hour.

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