Thursday, December 13, 2007

Accomplice outline

Aquire a freind quote-
"'Reuven, listen to me. The Talmud says that a person should do two things for
himself. One is to acquire a teacher. Do you remember the other?' 'Choose a
freind'" (74)

Had to work together or it wouldn't have challenged the system, their freindship
was challenging
"'...and I want you to let him be your friend and to let yourself be his
freind.'" (110)

"'I am happy my Daniel has chosen you as a freind'" (Reb,141)
This shows that Reb was the "accomplice" to Danny making him challenge the

David challenging Reuven to challenge the system
-Fahrenheit 451
Faber and Clarisse w/o whom he wouldn't have challenged the system
Clarisse- "These men have been dead a long time, but I know their words point,
one way or another, to Clarisse." (Montag, 72)
This showed that Clarisse was the reason why Montag was challenging the system

Faber- "'Yes, and look where we're headed. You'll have to travel blind for a
while. Here's my arm to hold onto." (Faber, 92)

Macbeth 6-9
Lady Macbeth provoked Macbeth's mind to fuel his evil.
"Naught had, all's spent, where our desire is got without content. Tis safer to
be that which we destroy than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy." (3:2:6-9)

"He that's coming must be provided for; and you shall put this night's great
business into my dispatch, which shall to all our nights and days to come give
solely sovereign sway and masterdom." (1:5:68-73)

Lord of the Flies
Roger made Jack evil
"'The chief and Roger, yes Roger." (Eric, 188)
"He met the cheif, or Roger, who carried death in his hands?" (Ralph, 196)
"At last he heard a voice-Jack's voice, but hushed. "Are you certain?" The
savage adresssed said nothing. Perhaps he made a gesture. Roger spoke. "If
you're fooling us-." (192)

Piggy helped Ralph become a challenger of Jack by being his good conscience
" Nobody knows where we are. Perhaps they knew where we were going to; and
perhaps no. But they don't know where we are 'cos we never go there."
Piggy "That's what I was going to say," Ralph (35)

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