Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Per. 2 Challenge the systems ideas

here is the place to put your ideas about challenging the system


maddief said...

• Going against elder/someone you respect
o 451
 Montag went against Beatty/gov.
o Macbeth
 Duncan/feudal system
 Jack challenged Ralph, Ralph challenged system of fun
o The Chosen
 Danny went against his father’s wishes
• Someone to lean on
o 451
 Montag had Faber
o Macbeth
 Lady Macbeth
 Ralph had Piggy
o The Chosen
 Danny had Reuven
• Someone/Something who convinces you to challenge the system
o 451
 Clarisse changed Montag
o Macbeth
 The witches gave Macbeth the prophecy
 The Beast took over
o The Chosen
 David Malter gave Danny books to read
• Following heart rather than common sense
o 451
 Montag ran on unrealistic ideas of changing the system by hiding books in firemen’s houses
o Macbeth
 Began acting on paranoia and confidence rather than listening to others’ advice
 Jack’s tribe left reasoning and thought behind, and developed a longing to kill
o The Chosen
 Danny did opposite
• Followed his mind rather than his heart/spirit
 Still following his heart, because being a psychologist was what he wanted
• Disagree with others and be what they think is evil
o 451
 Beatty said that books were evil and started wars
o Macbeth
 Killed off others and enemies thought him evil
 Ralph was evil because he was ruining Jack’s fun
o The Chosen
 Living by Danny’s mind instead of his heart was evil in Reb’s eyes

aaronw said...

good one

alyssas said...

Another thing that I had on my outline was that in all of the books, there was an event that caused the characters to CTS

Liap said...

Maddie- Wouldn't Danny have been following his heart? He KNEW his dad wanted him to be a rabbi an he KNEW he had to, but he WANTED to be a psychologist.

amandah said...


He's Challenging his fate
Mentor: Witches ans Lady Macbeth
Lady Macbeth

Jack Challenging Ralph's system
Accomplice: The other boys on the building

Montag is challenging the firemen and the banned book rules/ laws
Mentor: clarisse
Accomplice: Faber

The Chosen:
Reuven and Danny are challenging their parents, religion, and the rules
-Danny: Reuven and David
-Reuven: Danny
-Reuven: Danny
-Danny: Reuven

rsabey said...

I think another main theme is searching within yourself in order to find who you are and whrer you want to go. ex. Macbeth= should he follow his "fate" and abandon his morals or fight against it.
LOF=where does every one belong and how do they want their culture to turn out. Ferinheit 451=should he follow the flow of the culture or go against it to become happy.
The Chosen=should he follow his father and every ones exspectations for him or follow his own dreams.