Monday, December 10, 2007

Period Two Scibe!! December Seventh!

Hey guys!!

The class started out as usual, but with a little more enthusiasm than normal because it was friday!, with Ms. Smith saying hello and the class having to repeat it twice because it takes a while to work up all that excitement.

But then Ms. Smith needed to go have a meeting over video computer thingy, and we were all pretty bummed we couldn't join, but as Smith said we wouldn't get anything done, which is probably very true. So we had a sub teacher for most of the class. First, we had to blog a thurough reflection of this semester and tell how our learning has changed this year and how technology has effected it. Hopefully one day our blogs with make a difference and more classes will get to use laptops!! After, we got to spend the period reading "The Chosen" and that put an end to our friday english class. Our only homework is to read chapters 15-17 for Monday and what are you getting Ms. Smith for Christmas?

and to spice things up, I'll tell you all one of my favorite jokes!!
so what do you call a fish with no eyes??

a fshhhhhh!! hahaha

see you all in class!!

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