Thursday, October 4, 2007

Macbeth Test Questions

Please comment your 3-4 questions your small group created over Macbeth and possibly Lord of The Flies. Remember that these test questions need to be big idea questions that can't be answered in just a few words. Also, make sure not to repeat test questions from other groups. Use your refresh button or F5 key to see what others have posted.


josed said...


BrianC said...

it works

chelseas said...

How can Macbeth be considered a tragic hero?

How does Macbeth relate to Lord of the Flies overall?

What character does Macbeth relate to in LOF?

When Macbeth meets the witches, how does his character change?

MollyS said...

Molly Shaheen
Kristen Wieber
Alex Davis

Why does Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's Relationship change throughout the play?

ZachH said...

Tragic HEro's often suffer mor than they deserve. Do you think this is true of Macbeth or did he get what was coming to him?

josed said...

What do the name similarities between Macbeth and Macduff Represent?

What are some clues that Act 3.5 was not written by Shakespeare? Use Language examples.

Why does Macbeth not care when Lady Macbeth dies? Explain what leads to his apathy.

Why was Macduff's family killed if they did nothing? How does this show Macbeth's paranoia?

aaronw said...

What is the meaning of the story of Macbeth? What is the moral?

josed said...

Jose D
Brian C
John B

BrianC said...

Jose Dmpre
Brian Cheney
John Boyer

chelseas said...

Over time, how does evil reveal itself in Macbeth and LOF? How are they similar? How are they different?

MollyS said...

HOw does Murder affect the way you 'work'? In LOF and Macbeth?

josed said...

Oops... wrong post

Lukez said...

How does Macduff relate to Macbeth? What is the significance of them having similar names?

aaronw said...

My group was Me, Zachh, Nickb, and Lukez... fyi

maddief said...

1. Who or what represents evil in LOF and in Macbeth?

2. Who is Macbeth more like in character; Jack or Ralph?

3. What did having a head on a stick have to do with Macbeth and LOF? Are they connected?


chelseas said...


were in this group

josed said...

I think murder affects how you work in that it makes your conscience hurt so bad that you eventually go numb, as shown by Macbeth's apathy at lady Macbeth's death

BrianC said...

I think that Macbeth is most like Jack in LOF because they both become murderers and out-of-control killers.

NickB said...

What are the qualities of macbeth that cause his downfall and when do these qualities start to take over

ZachH said...

& me

Who is the bad guy in Macbeth?

MollyS said...

HOw does guilt play a part in the progression of events in both LOF and Macbeth?

BrianC said...

The moral of Macbeth don't trust witches' prophecies and don't become an assasin.

josed said...

Evil reveals itself in LOF and Macbeth through hallucinations: Banquo's ghost, the dagger, the apparition, the pig's head, the Beast (when SamnEric say that it chased them)

aaronw said...

so... what's the point of the story? thats a big question.....................................................................................................................................................................................................

chelseas said...

When Lady Macbeth dies, Macbeth has a limited reaction. Why is this limited?

maddief said...

4. How are the changes in the personalities of the heroes throughout LOF and Macbeth, Ralph and Macbeth, different? How are they the same?

amyw said...

aaronw---the meaning of Macbeth is mainly that if you have too much anbition, you will become evil and that everybody has some evil inside of them, it just takes circumstance for it to show. Also, it says that if you go too far in anything, it will be impossible to get out. These are just my thoughts though.

Javonm said...


What changes do you see in Macbeth's emotions as the play goes on towards himself, the people he harms, and his wife??

josed said...

Lady Macbeth and Macbteh's relationship changes BECAUSE at first, Lady Macbeth is the tougher of the two, then as Macbeth becomes more evil and impulsive he becomes insensitive to bad deeds, but lady Macbeth gets her subconsious destroyed through all of the murders, and she commits suicide

clarao said...

How does Macbeth demonstrate the charateristics of a tragic hero?

maddief said...

How do Jack and Ralph's rivalry compare to Macbeth and Macduff's rivalry?

alyssas said...

Louise, Alyssa, and Javon-

1.Does any other character fit the description of a tragic hero besides Macbeth?

2.Which murder haunted Macbeth's conscience the most?

BrianC said...

Why does Macbeth kill Duncan in the first place? Is it just because the witches told him that he would become king?

meganu said...

1. Was Macbeth always driven with ambition or did it develop once the idea of becoming king was implanted in his mind by the witches?
2. Do you think Macbeth would have murdered anyone for personal gain in his lifetime without the witches prophecy? so my question is; did he always have that fatal flaw or did it begin with the witches?
3.Do you think that Macbeth's downward spiral into insanity unquie to him or if someone els was placed in the same situation would the reaction be the same?
4. Macduff was a lot like Macbeth. The greatest difference between the two, however, was that Macduff didn't have the same fatal flaw of a tragic hero as Macbeth. Do you think in the real world people have opposites like this?
By Megan Urmann and Stefania Onofrio

josed said...

Macbeth is more like Jack than Ralph because he is impulsive like Jack

MollyS said...

How does isolation affect the way you work/

clarao said...

Clara O
Amanda H
Lia P

markg said...

1. What traits does Macbeth have that make him a tragic hero?

2. What traits does he have that does not make him a tragic hero?

3. What does Jack and Macbeth have in common?

4. If Macbeth did not hear the prophesey than would he have killed?


amyw said...

Macbeth shows qualities of a tragic hero mainly because he stands alone in what he's doing, and he challenges authority and government by killing Duncan.

MollyS said...

Ok, that didn't make sense, we ment

How does isotlation create antisocialism in people?

aaronw said...

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amyw said...

Jack is like Macbeth because they both get more and more evil as time goes on and they kill mercilessly.

morganw said...
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KekeK said...

1.Why didn't he let things flow their course instead of taking it into his own hands? The same stuff would have happened anyway if it was a true prophecy. The previous Thane of Cordor died on his own account (through betrayal etc.. but it doesn't really matter), wouldn't things just fall into place from there?

2. Why did the search for power corrupt him so much?

3. What caused him to break apart from his wife so much emotionally? At first they seem to be passionatly in love and after Macbeth starts murdering people, their love fades. Why?

Keke & Selena's group

mitchs said...

Mitch Suson
Mitch Lueders
Matt Friedrich
Tyler Gahm

1. What would have happened if Macbeth never knew about the witches' prophecy?

2. What was Macbeth's fatal flaw?

3. If someone had witnessed Macbeth killing Duncan, how would things have been different?

4. Who had the most influence on Macbeth's actions?

5. Which murder sent Macbeth down the path to insanity? How did it specifically affect him?

maddieh said...

In what ways is Macbeth like Ralph and in what ways is he like Jack?

If there were girls on the island, would they behave like girlie girls or make a strong society?

If Macbeth hadn't killed Banquo, would Banquo have a role in Macbeth's death?

Why didn't Macbeth persue killing Fleance?

-Maddie Hare, Ashley Fife, MacKenzie Marlowe, Becky Gutknecht

jordanh said...

A couple of questions...

1. How do LOF characters relate to Macbeth characters? Be specific.

2. The character Lord of the Flies represents evil in LOF, what is the equivalent of this in Macbeth?

3.How does the ending of LOF relate to the death of Macbeth?

4. What is the equivalent of Simon's hideout in Macbeth?

Jordan Hall
Ryan McGuire
Stephen Field
Parker Hogan

alexf said...

Alex Fons
Cate McPherson
Maddison Miller

1. Would Macbeth have carried through with killing the king if Lady Macbeth hadn't been his wife and why or why not?

2. If the witches hadn't talked to Macbeth do you think he would still have been king.

3. What do you think happened to Fleance?

4. How can you relate the conch shell to Macbeth?

Laurenc said...

Matt Wood
Lauren Cochran

1) If Macduff saw the weird sisters and they gave him the same prophecy as they gave Macbeth would Macduff do the same thing as Macbeth did?

2) Had Lady Macbeth opposed the murder of Duncan ; would Macbeth have gone through with the murder?

3) If the first part of the witches propechy had not come true, would Macbeth have still murdered Duncan and Banquo?

4) If Donalbain decided to ally himself with Macbeth how would that affect Malcom's decision to overthrow Macbeth and become king?

morganw said...

1. How would the story have changed if Macbeth had disregarded the prophecy as false, or as inevitable?

2. If Macbeth hadn't had a past in the military, would he be as able to murder, or would the "first-time" syndrom keep him from his tasks?

3. If Lady Macbeth had never found out about the prophecy, how would the plotline of the story change? In other words, without an accomplice, would Macbeth have done the same things?

4. How did Banqou's benevolence affect the conscience of Macbeth in his actions throughout the story?

Hannah L.
Morgan W.
Dawnielle N.

Ryad said...

1. What role does guilt in the character's actions in Macbeth?

2. If Macbeth had not acted on the prophicies would his life had ended the way it did?

3. What character in LOTF corresponds to Lady Macbeth's character and why?

4. What are examples of how Shakespeare shows the evil in Macbeth as compared to Golding in LOTF?


melissaz said...

melissaz, kristinah, morgant
1.What was Shakespeare's purpose in writing Macbeth the way he did, in your own opinion?

2. What kind of connections can you make from Macbeth in terms of Man vs. self, nature...

3. In what ways do you see the prevailing of evil in the world today and hisory, as in Macbeth?

whitneys said...

1. What role does guilt in Macbeth?

2. After hearing the prophecies, if Macbeth had not acted upon them would they have still come true?

3. What character in Lord of the Flies relates to Lady Macbeth and why?

4. How does Shakespeare show the evil that takes over Macbeth and Lady Macbeth compared to Golding in Jack, Roger, and the other boys in Lord of the Flies?

morgant said...

These are really good questions you guys!

morganw said...

I have to agree with MorganT, nice job on the questions! You're making me think too hard!

morgant said...

morganw- haha! I always think to hard when it really isn't that hard at all. I just keep thinking up more and more answers to the same question! =D