Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fahrenheit 451 113-136 Questions


josed said...

Sweet! I'm #1!.

1. Why did Montag flamethrower Beatty?

2. Why do firemen even carry flamethrowers?

3.What do you think will happen to Montag now?

chelseas said...

My questions were…

1. Is the whole washing of hands a common theme that will run throughout the book, like it did in Macbeth?

2. For how long did Beatty suspect that Montag had books at his house?

3. Why did Montag hide the books in Mrs. Black’s house? Was it so that they would go through what he went through?

4. I noticed that Montag kept referring to the hunt to find him as a “carnival” numerous times. What sort of significance does this have, and how exactly does it relate to a carnival? I was confused.

maddief said...

Jose, they have flamethrowers because they burn books. Not only that, but they need a really powerful fire to burn houses that are made fire-proof.

1. Was Beatty so unsatisfied with life and society that he wanted to die?

2. Was Beatty actually like Montag and Faber and wanted the world to change, but was too scared to do anything about it?

3. How will Mildred ever manage without her family for comfort? She'll have to face reality now.

Oh, and Chelsea, I noticed that about the carnival too. In carnivals, they have flamethrowers, or people who have tamed fire. I think that this represents the firemen, and a hunt for a rogue fireman, Montag.

BrianC said...

Do you think it's true what Beatty says about fire on page 115, that people are so facinated with it because it's perpetual motion, or is it something else like the fact that humans are the only ones who can control it?

Is Montag right when he thinks that Beatty wanted to die, or not?

Why does the beetle turn around and try to hit Montag after missing him when he fell down? Are the teens really that evil?

morgant said...

Here are my questions:

1) This whole thing with Montag's neighbor turning him in makes me wonder; who can you trust in this society? I mean, Montag now can't trust his fire captain, Mildred, and now his own neighbor!

2) Why did Mildred trip the alarm or whatever? Now, she leaves Montag, and he has no one to go to. I knew I didn't like Mildred from the start...

3) How long has Beatty suspected Montag? He seems to know everything about him.

4) =o!!!!!! That was very sudden! Now Beatty is dead? What propelled Montag to kill Beatty?

5) This isn't a question, but I thought that it was a great quote when Montag says, "You always said, don't face a problem, burn it. Well, now I've done both. Good-bye, Captain."

Louiseb said...

My questions were
1. What will Mildred do without her "family" now, will she grow closer to Montag or farther away?
2. Why did peeople think that Beatty wanted to die? Was it because he was truly that unsatisfied with his current life?
3. Has someone known that Montag had books at his house all along and they just hadent done anything about it, or did no one really know and when they found out it was a shock to everyone?

amyw said...

1. Was it Mildred who told the firemen about the books? It's true that she probably wouldn't have wanted the "walls" burned, but how would she have already packed a suitcase and known to call a taxi if she hadn't put in the alarm?
2. Is Beatty's talk about fire on pg. 115 kind of a metaphor for their society? (If you don't like something, burn it or ignore it and that miraculously makes it go away?)
3. Why do Montag and the author keep comparing this scene (burning the house) to a circus/carnival?
4. Why did Beatty make Montag burn his own house? And when Montag was doing this why did he feel so happy about burning the house, did Beatty trick him into thinking that fire and burning is good again?

JohnB said...

1.Yeah, what was up with the 'carnival' thing? I'm not understanding how anything like that can relate to a carnival.
2. I know that Beatty knew about Montag's books, but how did he really find out?
3. Will Mildred be able to keep herself together now that her 'family' is gone?

amyw said...

Another question: Why does Montag keep blaming his hands and what does this mean?

amyw said...

Also, why had Beatty wanted to die?

phoebef said...

1. Did Montag kill the other 2 firemen? or just Beatty?
2. On page 120 Montag has just been attacked by the hound. after Montag kills the hound it says that "he felt all of the mingled relief and horror at having pulled back only in time just to have his knee slammed by the fendr of a car hurtling by at ninety miles an hour." Is this just a way to describe what it was like when the hound landed on top of him, or was he actually hit by a car?

ParkerH said...

1. How did Montag know that Beatty wanted to die?

2. How does the new hound know Montag's scent? Do they have a database with it somewhere?

3. Why did Montag plant the book in that fireman's house? How did he know it was Mrs. Black's house?

morganw said...

Why does Montag want Faber's clothes?

How will Montag be able to reconnect with Faber once he reaches his destination?

Why does Faber have a wall incinerartor if he does not believe in burning books? It is merely standard to have such things in your house? If it had to have been installed, woudln't the installer have found the books in Faber's house?

Why doesn't Faber have a record like Clarisse and her family?

Laurenc said...

1. Since Montag was so afraid of the mechanical hound, do you think it is symbolic that he faced the hound with the flame flower?

2. Do you think Beatty agreed with Montah about the books but couldn't give up his job so wanted to die?

Lukez said...

1)Why did Beatty want to kill himself? Was it because he did love books because he did know a lot about them.
2) What reasons did Mildred have for turning in Montag? How was she willing to give up all the material things she had?
3)What does it show about Montag that he didn't kill the other 2 firemen who could, and probably would tell on him about killing Beatty?

katyj said...

1) Do you think that Beatty could be like a common playground bully in that he takes way too much pleasure in the pain of others?
2)Why did Beatty want to die?
3)So you think that the war starting at the same time as when Montag goes on the run symbolizes anything?

alyssas said...

1. Do you think Beatty knew that Montag was going to kill him? Why didn't he defend himself?
2. Who are they at war with? Why?
3. Do you think Montag will get away? Do you think Faber will get caught?

alexf said...

1. Do you really think that Beatty wanted to die? Why would he want to die?

2. What do you think about the quote "You must remember, burn them or they'll burn you, he thought. Right now it's as simple as that," from page 123?

3. What do you think gave Faber the courage to decide to go to the publisher? Was it Montag or did he realize it himself?

melissaz said...

1) I found it so interesting how Montag thought that Beatty wanted to die! Do you think he really did want to die, if so, why?

2) It seems like death is a very comon aspect in this community, murder happens often, and it is very desensitized. Why are they throwing such a fit over one murderer, Montag? It seems like before they never worried about other murderers, but why Montag?

3) What caused those kids to attempt to kill Montag? Was it intended as something fun to do, as "sport", it seems so twisted to me?

nicolek said...

1. Do you think the kids that tried to kill Montag were really the same ones that killed Clarisse?

2. Do you agree with what Beatty said about how if you have a problem, just burn it and get rid of it? why or why not?

3. Do you think Beatty wanted to die? If so would that be considered a suicide then?

hannahl said...

1. Is Montag's numb leg like his hands, a sign of something in him that he has no control over, an impetous haunted sector of human existance?

2. It says Beatty wanted to die. It must say something about soceity if even the highest people do not value life. Why did he fight till the end for beliefs that were already popular, and didn't need to be changed?

3. When Montag burns his house, he is burning the memories of his uneducated cattle-herd life. Why does he later think back on this burning and regret it?

4. On 115 Beatty talks about how it always happens to someone else, but now it is happening to you. How does this theme show throughout the book, that is, the idea that it is always someone elses husband who dies in war?

clarao said...

Why does Montag now talk to himself so much?

What made Montag think that Beatty wanted to die?

Why did Montag feel so safe watching the news broadcast in Faber's house?

maddisonm said...

1) What is the war that is going on? What significance will it play?
2) There are obviously 2 sides that have formed in this book. Montag and Faber, and then the rest of the society. Can you draw any parallels to 2 sides that are formed in our community?
3) It seems to me like there will be a fall to the society. What events of challenging this system may lead to a fall in society?

jordanh said...

Hey Johnb- i saw your question (your first one) and the carnival was simply a metaphor for the masses of people that watched Montag burn his house down.

I always say this-so i'll just say flat out that this is the most intiguing book that i've ever read. i'm seriously scarred of my adulthood. haha. on a more serious note-here are my questions:

1. Why do you think Mildred decided to run away? What was the thing tha inclined her to do this?

2. Why do you think that Montag decided to kill Beatty? we see later that he regrets it. What is the reason he commited the murder?

3. can you connect the murder of Beatty to the murder of Duncan or banquo?

4. Is Montag's thinking starting to deteriorate in these testing times in his life? In other words is he just being primative or doing what he needs to do?

5. why does Bradbury make Montag's journey so hard? is this representative of how it is to challenge the system, or is he just pointing out all of the possible dangers?

6. lastly, is Bradbury a negative person or is he writing a guide to help us from ourselves??

Anonymous said...

1. Did Beatty actually want to die or was Montag just saying that to make himself feel better?

2. When did Beatty send the Mechanical Hound to Montag's house? Did that have anything to do with Clarrise's death?

3. Why was it so easy for Montag to burn down his house, let alone burn Beatty and the other firefighters?

aaronw said...

so i didn't know we were supposed to always put questions here... anyways...
1. Is Montag insane or something??? He sure like to talk to himself...
2. Why didn't Beatty protect himself?
3. Can Mildred be saved? Or are the families her only salvation from the world?

mattf said...

1. What made Montag kill Beatty? Was Beatty intentionally provoking Montag so he would be flamethrowered to death?

2. Will Faber flee the house before the mechanical hound gets there? And if he doesn't, will he be killed for being an accomplice of helping a criminal escape?

3. Will the mechanical hound and/or the police find any books in Faber's home?

4. Will Montag make it to the river before the mechanical hound catches him?

lesliel said...

1) Do you think Mildred is going to come back into the story? What part do you think she's going to play?

2) If Beatty actually did want to die, why do you think that is?

3) How do you think Montag is going to get books now?

amandah said...

What happened to Mildred?

What is the war about?

what is going to happen to Faber if the hound finds him?

mattw said...

Is the war between countries, or a "civil" war?

Is Faber in real danger from the hound?

Would Mildred try to kill (or kill) herself before the end of the book?

Ryad said...

I think that Faber is in real danger from the hound. If the dogs that we have now can be trained to track and find people then a mechanical dog that you can personally program should have no problem finding a person.

catem said...

Here are my questions on the section:
1. What is the difference between Montag and Mildred? Could Mildred have ever been in Montag's postition, and vis versa? If so how do you think their actions would or wouldn't differ? What made it be Montag, not Mildred defying the system?

2. What would make someone so unsatisfied with their life (Beatty)that they would be willing to trick someone into killing them rather than die? What does this say about the comunity, Beatty rather have someone be in trouble for his death that he wanted rather than commit suicide?

3. What does the hound represent? What does the man hunt being shown as an important "game" show about the society? Are we not too interested by watching things like these? Is this wrong, human nature, or simply humanity's choice not to understand?

elisabethc said...

1) Why do you think that Montag was not that suprised when he found out, and thought over it, that Mildred turned him in.
2) When Montag brings up the idea of Beatty wanting to die, why do you think Beatty wanted to die? Do you think that he hated the way that the society opporated.
3) How did the "hand" once again take over Montag's actions and control what he did. Are there any major connections you can find between the hand in Macbeth and the hand in Fahrenheit 451.

MollyS said...

1. Do they have TV Channels in this society? As i was reading, it seemed to me as if they didn't, and then i think of course they don't because that allows for too much freedom.

2. By Flaming Beatty he caused an uproar, if he hadn't killed 3 firemen, what would have happened?

3. Is the mechanical hound the only type of defence other than armed forces? It seems that whenever there is a problem people just send out the mechanical hound

kristinah said...

here they are
1)On page 114 how does Beatty know about montags relationship with clarisse?

2) why do the firemen have to burn the whole house why cant they just burn the books?

3)Do you think that beatty was programming the dog to attack montag because of his suspisions?

4) this is just a comment, did you notice montag was fighting "fire" with fire???

5)Do you think that maybe Montag will gather together all of the old harvard degrees on the tracks between Fabers and los angeles and change the society.

mitchl. said...

1. Why after killing Beatty did Montag discard the flamethrower, b/c he might still need it again.

2. Why did Mildred also turn Montag in to the firemen even when she knew about the books before her frieds?

3. Does anyone else think that maybe beatty was tring to talk Montag out of killing him, but his plan backfired, or is montag right and beatty wanted to die?

beckyg said...

Okay, here we go.

1. What is the signifacance of bugs in this book? The cars are named beetles, he said the seashells were little bees, so why the references to insects? Is this comparing the technology ro bugs, like it should be just as lowly as bugs, or it's turning the people into unintelligent like bugs? What do you think it means?

2. Murder is obviously very acceptible in this society. Why then do they make such a big deal about Montag murdering Beatty, and also how do they know so fast? Is it because he revolts, so they are afraid that this will show others that it is possible, and that people can challenge the system? Is it because Beatty was the picture of someone who read, but decided that the society was right?

3. If Montag is now placing books in houses to burn them, and murdering people, then isn't he the society he is trying to overthrow? (I'm just argueing the other side here for a second to see what you guys think.)

4. Do the kids trying to run over Montag remind anyone of when Mildred was telling Montag to take the car, go out into the country and rn over rabbits and squirrells? It is the same thing, on a bigger level!

5. Does the fact that Montag's his legs are getting more and more numb show how is being totally taken over by the idea and actios of revolt, and that he is willing to endure any pain or death to accomplish his goal? Is this because he is so devoted to his cause or because he doesn't think he has anything to lose?

NickB said...
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NickB said...

1) How does the leaving of Mildred and his old job (fireman) leave montag to be a bit more free in pursuing his plan to overthrow society?
{For crosby kids, how does this relate to the govenor's wife in Iron Jawed Angels?}

2) What does the pain in Montag's leg represent, if anything? Think deep now...

3) HA! Now I can finally make my case for Beatty being good! Why does Beatty want to die? Do you think he was tring to challenge Montag to try to overthrow society all along? I am defiantly bringing this up tomorrow.

ashleyf said...

Melissaz: interesting point. I kind of think that maybe he was kind of like Mildred in the way that he thought he was happy, but was feeling like he wanted to die. But yes, the wat he burned books to make the world better, but mayber deep down he hated it so can this be?

Mattw: I too sort of wondered that. But then i wondered if it is like in The Giver where they dotn know any different than thier small society. So maybe it has to be a civil war because there are no other "countries."

Do you guys think that the hound will be significant through out the book?

I was rather confused when those kids tried to "kill" Montag. Did they know it was the man with the books. Sorry, just kind of confused

alexd said...

1. What are the real signifigance of Montag and his hands?
2. Is there any similarity between Mildred with the sleeping pills and Beatty "wanting to die"?
3. What are some predictions for the end of the book?

ZachH said...

1.) On pg 113 Beatty says, "Old Montag wanted to fly near the sun and now that he's burnt his wings, he wounders why. There Greek Legend about a boy and his father who contruct wax wings and try to fly out of Jail as an escape. Do you think Beatty is referncing this story? If he is, does that mean he has read it?

2.) Is Beatty a tragic hero? (think about how they bring about their own downfall and in the end suffer more than they deserve.)

3.) I was a little confused when Montag's house was burnt down. Was Mildred inside, or was she the lady who fled into the Taxi?

4.) In a usual "Burning" The items are covered in Kerosene and set on fire. What is the significance of the flame thrower being used on Montag's house?

5.) A lot of comparasins are used in this book. Anything to do with fire is compared to a reptile (hose like a snake, turck like a dragon) and books are compared to birds, the seashell and hearing side are compared to insects buzzing. When Montag's house is burned, it is compared to a circus. Is there any symbolism in this? If so, what is it?

kristenw said...

1. what do you think the dragon in the beginning of the chapter represents?

2. What do you think finally pushed Montag to kill Beatty

3. I wonder why or how Mildred missed some of the books?

DawnielleN said...

Was there a certain point that we knew Beaty knew about the books? How did he know?

2. I'm confised about the carnival situation. How does it relate?

3. Does anyone else still believe that Beaty could actually be good(bad word, I know) still?

rsabey said...

1. So Montag said Beatty wanted to die do you guys agree?
2."The Michanical hound never fails" is what the police said so what do you guys think that it stands for? the devil?
3. so i think Beatty read books and subconciously felt guilty about burning them but became numb to the "spitting python". So do you guys think that beatty enjoyed the fire like he said he did?

whitneys said...

1. How come the poison from the hound doesn't kill Montag?

2. Why did Montag kill Beatty? And then why did he think that he wanted to die?

3. Won't the houd eventually catch matter what he does it will always be after him.

oh and I LOVE the way the symbolism of fire is shown in this chapter!