Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fahrenheit 451 68-90 Questions


ParkerH said...

1. Why did Faber almost let Montag leave when he cared so much about books?
2. Why did his wife wimp out so soon after reading some of the books?
3. Why did Montag never think of Faber before now?

BrianC said...

1. Why is it against the law to read a book if it doesn’t affect anyone?
2. Why does Montag tell Faber that his wife is dying?
3. Do you think that Faber said all the things needed to learn, or is there more?

beckyg said...

1. Why does Faber trust Montag so fully? I wouldn't think he would disclose his plans for taking down the fireman to a fireman. After meeting Montag once, what made Faber trust him? Does he sence that Montag really does have true intentions, or is it something else?

2. If there are no books or anything else to read, how do people even know how to read?

3. Without bibles, how do faiths survive? Have they stopped those freedoms too?

stefo said...

1. How can other men be found like Faber?

2. How are the kind of threat or danger are Faber and Montag in?

3. What punishment do people how had their house burned for having book receive?

amyw said...

1. Will reading the books and discovering what's in them bring Montag and Mildred closer together when they've obviously drifted apart?
2. When Faber and Montag first met in the park why did Faber give Montag his address when he was probably hiding books and Montag was a fireman?
3. Will Montag end up "disappearing" like Clarisse did?

josed said...

1. How might Jesus be portrayed as "all saccharine?" For those of you who don't know, saccharine is FAKE sugar... think about that...

2. How can even Mildred not put up with READING for a day?

3. Well, how is it that Faber wants to make a change but is scared? Can the two really even go together?

alexf said...

What do you think about when Mildred said, "Books aren't people. You read and i look all around, but there isn't anybody!" (page 73)

What do you think Montag means when he says, "My wife's dying..." on page 81?

Do you think that Faber will be listening to Montag at home and helf him with his personal life along with Beatty?

maddief said...

1. Does Faber have any connection to Clarisse?

2. When Montag started to tear the pages out of the Bible, was that leverage or was he just frustrated?

3. What is Montag's next course of action; is he quitting his job?

Alex, I think that Montag means his wife is dying physically and mentally. She takes so many pills because she suffers from insomnia that it is tearing her body apart.

maddisonm said...

Do you think that Faber was the "spark" of Montag to start thinking about life and perhaps stealing books?

Obviously in the society there are still people who are free-thinkers and read books. Do you think that Mntag will find them, and if so what may happen?

What role does cowardice play in this story?

lesliel said...

1) When Montag says that Mildred is dying, what do you think she is dying from?

2) What is the importance of the lilies?

3) How many other people in the city Montag lives in do you think still want books to be important and read?

4) What is the meaning of the quote, "the salamander devours his tail!" - Faber-pg86-par.8 ?

melissaz said...

1) Why did Faber write down his adress and give it to Montag, this seems to me that this is a big risk he is taking and later he continues to say that he is coward?

2) Why doesn't Mildred answer the question that Montag asks her, does your family love you, does the White Clown love you? Why does she see this as a silly question?

3) On pg. 76, Mildred is talking to Montag about the Bible section he stole and his paln to try and keep it, Mildred replies, "Who's more important, me or that Bible?" Montag does not make a direct answer, what do you think he would say, maybe not to Mildred, but what really is more imporatant to him, the knowledge for these books, or a wife who doesn't have love? And why does the whole world always seem to revolve around Mildred, in her mind, are the people on this community all like this, the world revolves around them?

alyssas said...

1. The other day in our fishbowl we were discussing the role of religon in Montag's society. It came up a lot more in this section of reading than it ever has before. I noticed that both Montag and Faber repeatedly say "God" over and over, but there are no bibles left in their society except for the one Montag owns. Why does this keep coming up? Does everybody say "God" or is it just the two of them?
2. When Montag is on the subway he freaks out and screams about the lillies. Does anybody know why he does this?
3. It was a little unclear to me exactly what Faber's invention was? Could somebody explain it for me?

jordanh said...

1. Do you think that Beatty is somebody who diagrees with the system, but hides in the system to shield himslef?

2. Has Faber gained confidence from being around Montag?

3. What is your prediction- will Montag succeed, or must he fail to display the true danger of our world and lives being taken into the hands of technology?

4. Is Bradbury a cynical author or is he simply trying to warn and show us the dangers of technology and modernization?

What an interesting 20 pages. I LOVE Faber's character. I think that I'm like him-I descreetly challenge the system. I think that this is a valid method. Do you? Or am I too feeble and coward to make a difference? Does a challenger need strength and audacity or can he be reserved liek me and Faber???

amandah said...

1. Did Montag have the bible out in the open on the train? If he did why didn't people get upset like Mildred did when she saw the books?
2.I also had the same question as melissaz why did Faber give his address to Montag after talking and quoting books?
3.What is Mildred dying from?
4.what was in that room in Faber's house?

NickB said...

1) what can Montag's crazy actions on the train be related to?

2) Do you think a couragous, rebelious Faber deep inside himself? what other main character does this relate to?

3) What are the drawbacks of montag's plan of bringing down society?

catem said...

1. After being introduced to Faber's character has anyone's opinion changed about what "challenging the system" really means? If someone questions a system, and no one hears, is the system still challenged?

2. Is Montag truely Faber's first "drone"? If so do you think that the hive will actually grow? If not do you think that Faber is truely the "queen bee" or merely an important "drone" testing a new recruit?

3. How often do you think war happens in the society and the world as a whole in the book? How does this relate to the world today? Does war every actually end? How advanced has weaponry and other war technology become? How does this relate to the frequent suicides and murders in the society?

4. What does death represent in this book? When death seems better than life, are you really living?

morgant said...

1)Why does Mildred not want anything to do with books? I thought that maybe she would be interested, but maybe I assumed too soon...

2)Montag's earlier meeting with Faber makes me wonder how the normal public view firefighters. Dangers? Good Samaritans (probably not)? Scary? Just some food for thought.

3)Why did Montag ask Mildred if her 'family' loved her?

4)Okay... what in the world happened on the train?

kristinah said...

here they are:
1) On page 72 What is the significance that Mildred only understood or seemed interested in the phrase "That favorite subject, myself" that montag read out of a book??

2) On page 75 montag says that his hands are numb, but he is usually blaming them for actions. What does this mean? Do it signify a change in Montag and his body, are the hands listening? Because later the hands pick up the books "by themselves" again. What do you think is happening?

3) Why doesn't Mildred on page 77 answer Montage when he asks " Does the white clown love you? and " Does your family love you, love you very much, love you with their heart and soul" What do you think she is feeling, what is she thinking??

4) Do you think that, on page 82, when the statement is made that they have everything they need to be happy, but they arent happy: is this the same for us in our world or in our society?

5) Do you think that running a risk is the good part of dying? With out risk, is there life?

6) Why is Montag suddenly so motivated? Was it the death of clarisse or was it the woman in the house?

chelseas said...

My questions were...

1. Why did Montag suddenly want to show all of the people on the subway that he had the Bible, especially when he was so concerned at home?

2. What was Mildred thinking when Montag asked her if her “relatives” really loved her?

3. What is Mildred dying of?

4. What is Faber’s invention that looks like a Seashell-is is like a listening device?

Lukez said...

1. What makes everybody in the world at this time think that books are not real and TV is?

2. What is the White Clown and why is it so important?

3. How important is religion in this time if religous icons are advertising products on a TV show?

4. What do you think it shows about Mildred that every time she gets very upset, she turns on the TV?

phoebef said...

1. What did Faber mean when he was wondering if beatty was "one of us"?
2. Are all people cremated when they die, or is it just clarisse and other "criminals"?
3. Is there a significance in the first book Montag reads being the bible?

alexd said...

This question was already asked in the previous discussions but what part does religion play in the book?

In the characters lives?

Do risks enhance peoples lives?

DawnielleN said...

1. After reading these pages I'm still uncertain if Mildred will ever be able to challenge the system because it seems that she just tries to block out the bad instead of do something about it.

2. Along time ago the bible was considered to be the one thing that most agreed on and everything ELSE was controversial. Why is it that the bible is now banned?

3. I get the vibe that religion is all together kind of discouraged. By eliminating it did they make it more peaceful and easier or the opposite?

MollyS said...

1 What keeps Mildred from becoming interested in the books?

2 Why is Montag so interested in challenging the system he helps enforce?

3 How many other people like Faber are out there??

hannahl said...

1.) How is Faber's authority different than the firemen's? Why does Montag accept it?

2.) When the ladies are talking, one says that she would not cry for her husband if he died and she would move on quickly. This is like what Montag said about Mildred. Why is this society so quick to forget the dead and move on?

3.) Why didn't Mildred's friend in the book think that kids were worth childbirth, or any sacrifice at all? What does this say about Bradbury's society?

clarao said...

1. Is it easier for Montag to break the rules now after he has done it once?

2. Is what Faber says about books not being anything special true. Is the meaning in the book all that matters?

3. Is Montag starting to influence his wife at all by what he has been telling and asking her in this part of the book?

ZachH said...

1.) When the dog came to door, do you think it was a mechanical hound? What was it smelling for?

2.) Is it possible Beatty wants to challenge the system too? Dose he have any intrest in saving books?

3.) In the first chapter (The Harth & the Salamandor) Clarisse made Montag think differently about his life (was he happy.) In this chapter, how is Faber like Clairsse? How does he challenge Montag?

4.) When the women are talking, they say they wouldn't cry for their husbands if they died. What emotions exist in this society? Which ones are acceptable?

macm said...

1)When Faber brought up the plan as a jkoke, was it really a joke? Or was he trying to bait Montsag because he was too scared to tell him right out?
2)Why does Montag always blame things on his hands? Is it just insecurity oor something?
3)Is it good that Montag hjas a seashell radio now after what it does to Mildred?

Javonm said...

What did everyone think of Faber's joke like reaction to the idea of CTS with books?

Why is Mrs. Montag so worried about readin even with Montag's promise?

DO you think Mrs. Montag just can't handle the comprehension required for the reading?

kristenw said...

1. Why did Montag say his wife was dying?

2.How did the hound get to Montag's house?

3. Do the firemen keep track of the books they burn?

kristenw said...
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JohnB said...

I agree with Maddief in the circle when she said that books are SO much better than the movie. Having imagination and thought is what makes the books so good.

mattf said...

1.Why did Montag say his wife was dying?

2. Do the books have as much influence n Montag's wife as they do on him?

3. The first book Montag read was the bible. Will this influence what he thinks about books (for better or worse)?

morganw said...

When Montag refers to the subway as a suction he is using it as symbolism for the world he lives in. Is it meant to represent how the government suctions knowledge away from society?

Did Montag refer to the subway as a snake because it snakes out the poisonous brain-dead jingles like the hose pumps out the deadly kerosene?

What is the significance of the White Clown?