Friday, October 26, 2007

Fahrenheit 451 Questions 91-110


morgant said...

Hey guys! Here are my questions:

1) On page 95, Montag is saying that when he looks at the women, they don't mean anything to him really. I was thinking that would this kind of symbolize that the system in his society is beginning to be dead to him? Just food for thought.

2) I wonder what it would feel like for the kids to grow up without reading books. Books spark the imagination. But, on the other hand, if TV was all you knew, how would you live your life when you are married? Hmmmm... I probably wouldn't want to grow up like that.

3) What came over Montag as he was reading the poetry? Why did he all of a sudden yell at all of the ladies to get out of his house?

4) COMMENT: I'm seeing a huge connection between Macbeth and Montag. It's always the hands...

5) How in the world did they find out about Montag's house? NO!!!!! Well, Beatty said that they would come and burn his house if he didn't give the book back, but he did!

chelseas said...

My Questions were:

1. What drove Montag to share the book with Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles?

2. Did Beatty just now realize that Montag had been reading books?

3. What caused Beatty to suspect that Montag’s house now had books?

4. When Montag was reading the poetry book to the ladies, what caused him to all of the sudden start yelling at them?

5. Did one of the ladies turn Montag in for having books?

Selenam said...

1. What came over Montag so he wanted to read to the ladies in the first place?
2. Who sent up the candidates for president anyway? It seems like only the government has the power of free thought.
3. Why did the ladies come over if they just sat and watched the walls?
4. Why do the ladies not care about their husbands and children?
5. Why do both the characters in Macbeth and this book always blame their hands?

alexf said...

1. So, does this mean that Montag will be taken away or will he still be allowed to be a fireman (although he may not want to)?

2. Do you think that Beatty is a bad person or is he just doing his job?

3. What will Montag do? Will he run away, burn with his books, or confess and stay a fireman?

hannahl said...

1. How is Faber's authority different from Captain Beatty's? Why does Montag accept it?

2. How does Mildred's freinds feelings towards death symbolize the feelings of society? (pg. 95)

3. People schedule C-sections today and then send their kids to boarding school and daycare. How is this like Mildred's freinds in the book? (pg. 96)

ParkerH said...

1. Why did the firetruck stop in front of Montag's house? Did someone signal the firehouse nad if yes, who?
2. Why on earth did Montag read poetry to Mildred's friends?
3. How does Faber know that 10 million men were mobilized instead of 1 million?

jordanh said...

Hi people! This was such an interesting set of pages. Montag is turning into a fee thinker. He challenges listening to Faber and is thinking before he acts. He is really turning into a good thinker.

1. Has Faber influenced montag in a positive or negative way?

2. When Montag reads Mrs. bailey poetry, why do you think that it makes her cry?

3. Why would Montag go back to work at the firehouse if he wanted to be freed from this profession?

4. What do you think will happen to Montag and Mildred once there house burns down?

5. Do you think that faber is strong enough to challenge the system or will he "chicken out"?

josed said...

Here's my two cents:

1. What kind of picture does Bradbury paint about Phelps and Bowles?

2. Why would Montag show a book to Phelps and Bowles if he already know's Mildred didn't get it?

3.What do you guys make of Beatty's "dream"?

lesliel said...

1) Do you think Beatty is a good guy or a bad guy? why?

2)What do you think the war is about?

3)When Mrs. Phelps talks about the war on pg. 94 do you see any connection between that and World War 1?

mattf said...

Here are my questions:

1. It sounds like Montag's house is going to be burned. Will Montag allow them to burn it or will he fight with Beatty and the other firefighters about it?

2. Faber is very well informed about the troop movement. Where did he find this out?

3. What does Beatty's speech mean? Why does it relate to the books Montag stole and wants to challenge the system with?

maddisonm said...

1) Do you think Faber would ever make Montag do anything bad or to his advantage?
2) What point was Beatty trying to get across to Montag?
3) Who do you think turned Montag in? Was it one of Mildred’s friends? Was it Mildred? Could it have been Beatty?
4) How will Montag react or what will he do about his house being burned? What will Faber’s reaction be?

kristinah said...

Hey here are my questions:
1) What is the symbolism of the Bible?

2)Why does Mildred and her freinds repeat what they say over and over, is it for reassurence or something?

3)On pg.98 Montag is raging at the woman reading out of the book, he thinks that it will scare the living daylights out of them so he trys to keep going. But Mrs.Phelps says for them to listen just to make him happy and then they will disregard it. Why does he think it will change??

4)Do you think that when war is mentioned it is talking about a real war or the war within the society?

catem said...

Here are my questions:
1. What makes a character"good"? What makes a character "bad"?

2. In these pages a little more is revealed about how the government works. What do you role does the president play? How is the election similar to school elections and presidential elections today? What does this have to do with power? Do you think that those in power prefer their power to be aparent or hidden?

3. What does the way the men just follow orders show about human nature in general? How far will one go for a cause, a friend, a family member, ect.? What would you do if you were one of the firemen in this postion?

Lukez said...

1) Why do they even have a president and elections if everbody seems to care so little about them?
2) How do the elections take place in this time? Is it similar to the elections of today?
3) Do you think that among all of the advertising on TV they still have political commercials?

maddief said...

Was Clarisse one of the only kids who actually lived with her parents? Because from what Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Phelps were saying, no one actually wants to have to raise kids anymore.

amandah said...

Who turned in Montag?

Which "side" is Beatty on?

What is this war about? who is it with? why did it happen?

Anonymous said...

Why do Mildred and her friends keep repeating themselves and eachother?

Do they have a lot of crime (like robberies) here because it said they had robot bank tellers?

What is the role of religion in this community? Is there even a religion?

Why does Montag have all these memories from his childhood but hardly any from his teenage and up years?

beckyg said...

I just want to say, I knew it would be his house. Okay, now here are my questions.

1. What is Montag going to do about burning his house? Will he stay and burn it to prove his "alliances," or will he run? What does Faber want him to do? Will he do whadt Faber wants, or just go on his own way?

2. What were Mrs. Phelps feelings toward the poem? Was she truly sad or mad like it appeared to others, or was she crying from joy? Will she try to join Montag, because she was so moved by the poem?

3. Captain Beatty seems to have read a lot of books, and paid careful attention to them. What made him turn back towards being a fireman? Why does he have no tolerance with Montag about having books? If he was truly confident that Montag would find the books foolish, why is he being so rude about trying to force Montag to make a decision?

macm said...

1) After Montag reads the poems out loud, Mrs. Phelps calls him "nasty." Why do you think she uses that word?

2)What do you think has happened previously in the society to make it so that women find the thought of having children repulsive?

Thats all I got.

ashleyf said...

1) Do you think people have the feeling of caring about someone already in them, or does it evolve like in montag? One of the women was talking about how if she was "killed off" he should forget about her.

2)What do you all think of Beatty? He is a destroyer of books, yet he knows poetic quotes form them. thoughts

clarao said...

Why do the quotes Beatty is telling Montag bother him so much?

What is the the drivers seat being called a throne symbolic of?

How did Beatty find out about Montag hiding books, and why did he act normally toward Montag until they arrived?

BrianC said...

1. Why are the ladies so affected by Montage reading the poem?

2. Why do the ladies care so little about children and even their husbands?

3. Why does Bradbury keep talking about the hands or the feet doing something and not Montag?

NickB said...

1) do we have shows like "The white clown" on TV today?

2)Do you think montag was right to desturb mildred and her friends?

3) how do you think montag will react to burning his house in the next part?

Tylerg! said...

1. Where will Montag go if he's caught?
2. How do the firmen catch Montag
3. Does the hound have normal senses

morganw said...

I only have two questions, but here they are:

1)Do you think Beatty knows Montag still has books? He was torturing Montag with his talk about the books and his wierd dream. Do you think that at least part of the dream will come true at some point?

2) Do you think Mildred called the firemen about her own house because she has a death wish and is trying to get back at Montag?

katyj said...

1)Was Mildred trying to get back at Montag for ruining her night with her friends by calling the firemen on him? Or did Mildred call the firemen becuase Montag moved the books?
2) What will happen to Montag now? Will he go live ith Faber?
3) If Mildred didn't call the fireman, who did? Was it Mrs. Bowles or Mrs. Phelps? Or someone else?
4) Did Beatty have proir knowledge of what was going to happen? If not, then why was he pestering Montag with his dream and all those quotes?

stefo said...

1. What kind of power does books have over people. Has a book ever effected anyone in a negative way?
2. There are several examples in the book of having a leader and the blind masses following them. Montag even questions why he is still following orders. Is this always the case in life? That there must be a leader with followers? What distinguishes a leader from the masses?

amyw said...

1) What causes Montag to scream at the women and read the poem to them? This seemed kind of weird and I'm just wondering why he did this...
2) Why do Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Phelps view children so negatively? (It's like, what did kids ever do to them?) It's a universal theme that children = innocence. Is this maybe a sign of what their society has become?
3) How did Beatty know about Montag's hidden books? Did Mildred say something? Was it a neighbor?
4) Will Montag be arrested after they burn his house? What will happen to Mildred?

amyw said...
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amyw said...

Another thought: How did Beatty gain all of this knowledge, like the quotes he told Montag that were from his dream? How else could he have learned them apart from reading? (I'm guessing he didn't learn them from the "walls"...) Doesn't this seem hypocritical, a fireman with tons of knowledge like Beatty has?

MollyS said...

ello guys

my questions...

1. What encouraged Montag to read to the ladies?

2. Why did Beatty not say anything to Montag about it being his house? And is the reason he said it could wait one hand (of poker I'm guessing) because he knew that the owner was amidst him?

3. What is going through Faber's head when he is hearing all this?

Liap said...

1. How did Beatty know to go to Montag's? Did Mildred tell him?

2. Where did the hound go? Montag said the cage was empty

3.Why did Montag read to the ladies? That didnn't make sense to me

melissaz said...

1) Do you think that it was just luck that Montag hid the remaining books outside to be saved from the fire, or did he have a huntch that it would potentially save them? Are they going to stay safe?

2) Why did Mrs. Phelps start crying?

3) Why do the ladies repeat what they say and what their friends, they just keep saying it? Is it because they don't have anything important to say they need to fill up the empty time with repeated nonsense? Or they just don't know what to say?

I'm sorry for all these questions about the ladies, it just interested me so much!

4) DO the children learn anything? Do they learn the important lessons of life from their parents or are they just sent ot school and come home to watch the 'relatives'? Could that be why there are so many deaths, because kids aren't learning the facts of life?

phoebef said...

1. Are all of the "families the same one broadcasted on different tv's or does each person have their own televised "family"?
2. Did Beatty know that they would arrive at Montags, and did he plan his entire speach to freak Montag out before hand?
3. Why was Mrs. Phelps so affected by the poetry?

ZachH said...

1.) Throughout the book there have been a lot of connections to reptiles (hose like a snake, fire like a dragon.) Books have been compared to birds. Now Faber's voice is compared to insects. What do all of these things symbolize? How is the fire like a dragon, the books like birds, and Faber's voice like an insect?

2.) Why would Montag show the book to the Mildred's friends? It completly blew his cover (even though Mildred kind of did cover for him.)

3.) When the one friend says that "poetry brings sadness...suicide...ect" how does she know this if she's not suppose to read?

Javonm said...

1. Do you think Montag and Faber will reunite?

2. How do you think Mildred will reacte to Montag's outbreak later on?

3. Will Montag still be able to challenge the system now that people know of his books?

alyssas said...

1.Who called the firemen?
2.Does Beatty have a side? Is he seeing Montag's beliefs about books?
3.Why did Montag read to Mildred's friends? Was there a reason or was it just a compulsion?

aaronw said...

1. why did the women cry at the poem?
2. who exactly told the firemen?
3. what made him want to read and have people who could turn him in hear it?
4. Why were the cartoons so violent?
5. Mrs. Smith: I was confused whether we had to post questions or not... sorry! :)

rsabey said...

Mmmk here my three questions are
1. Isn't it really interesting how the three ladys talk about abortions like an every day thing! It is the idea of eat drink and be mary. How do you guys think that this came to happen?
2. Ok so their is a huge lack of relationhsips in 451. The most emotion shown is the relyance of food and a bed, so how has this effected the society?
3. So silence is fearful to the ladies in the book, what do you guys think goes on in the mind of the ladies in the silence do they feel thing that is hidden in the noise?

chelseas said...

I didn’t see a post for pages 113-136, so I will post them on this post. My questions were…

1. Is the whole washing of hands a common theme that will run throughout the book, like it did in Macbeth?

2. For how long did Beatty suspect that Montag had books at his house?

3. Why did Montag hide the books in Mrs. Black’s house? Was it so that they would go through what he went through?

4. I noticed that Montag kept referring to the hunt to find him as a “carnival” numerous times. What sort of significance does this have, and how exactly does it relate to a carnival? I was confused.

morgant said...

Yeah. My postings right now are also for pgs. 113-136:

1) This whole thing with Montag's neighbor turning him in makes me wonder; who can you trust in this society? I mean, Montag now can't trust his fire captain, Mildred, and now his own neighbor!!!

2) Why did Mildred trip the alarm or whatever? Now, she leaves Montag, and he has no one to go to. I knew I didn't like Mildred from the start...

3) How long has Beatty suspected Montag? He seems to know everything about him.

4) =o!!!!!! That was very sudden! Now Beatty is dead? What propelled Montag to kill Beatty?

5) This isn't a question, but I thought that it was a great line when Montag says, "You always said, don't face a problem, burn it. Well, now I've done both. Good-bye, Captain."

morgant said...
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nicolek said...

1. Who do you think turned in Montag? Was it Mildred or his neighbors or someone unknown?

2. Do you think that Beatty new that Montag was going to get turned in eventually becuase it seemed like perfect timing when the alarm sounded to burn Montag's house?

3. How will this effect Montag and Fabors plans?

4. Do you think its any different when Montag is with Fabor because once again he is being told what to do and Fabor is always in his ear critizing him to make him into what Fabor wants?

kristenw said...

1. Did Mildred turn Montag in???

2. Why did Montag bring the poem book out in the first place while mildred's friends were there.

3. I was wondering why Beatty knows all these quotes?

whitneys said...

1. I kinda actually posted this question on the Fishbowl, but I was just wonderin why beatty is SO cruel to Montag. I mean he is smiling as they are driving to burn his house!

2. How come Mrs. Bowles cries so hard at the she just realizing what she is missing?

morganw said...

Did Mrs. Phelps realize that there was something more to life that she was missing when she heard Montag read the poem?

Why did Mrs. Bowles react so strongly to the peom and to Mrs. Phelps' reaction?

Did anyone else notice that when Beatty was recounting his dream and saying that books were contradictory he was actually proving Montag's point? Is he trying to communicate something to Montag through this?

Anette said...

"All's well that is well in the end." How does Beatty change the original quote?

What does Beatty mean when he states, "What is there about fire that's so lovely? No matter what age we are, what draws to it?" Is this a truism?