Monday, October 22, 2007

Fahrenheit 451 Questions 40-68


Tylerg! said...

1. Why does montag's wife care that he is sick?
2. What do you think caused him to be sick?
3. How did Clarisse die, did she just get run over like Mildred said or was there something else?

Tylerg! said...

one more question,
1. Do you think Montag will get killed like Clarisse, for having a book under his pillow

BrianC said...

um... I think hope this is supposed to be for pages 40-68...

1. Why did the government make the firemen start fires just because the minorities didn't like the books?

2. Why doesn't Mildred care when Montag tell her about the woman he burned?

3. Why does Montag have so many books hidden in his house and why does he reveil them to Mildred?

Anonymous said...

1. What is the deal with the "realitives"? What was that supposed to be?

2. Did Mildred just not realize that Montag was close to Clarisse and that's what she forgot so easily or is death not that big of a deal that it didn't even matter?

3. Is Montag really sick or he is just emotionally overwhelmed and needed a break?

amyw said...

1. Why does Mildred call the people on TV her "family?" Is this society really so brainwashed that they think they really know the people on TV even when they don't?
2. Was Captain Beatty the person at the door when Montag was convincing Mildred to help him read the books? Did he figure out that Montag was hiding something and maybe this was why he came back?
3. How could Captain Beatty possibly know all this info from history and stuff that he told Montag? Isn't this hypocritical, a fireman who knows all this stuff when people aren't even encouraged to think?

morgant said...
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morgant said...
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morgant said...

Is this blog for pgs. 40-68? Because it says this is for pgs. 25-40. Just wondering.

morgant said...

Well, anyway... Here are my questions for 40-68:

1) Does Montag feel like he is forced into being a fireman? He says on page 51, "Was I given a choice? My grandfather and father were firemen." That just seem curious to me that maybe he didn't want to be one at all.

2) Why and how do you think the secret book, Clarisse, and that woman who challenged the system with all of her books is changing Montag dramatically??

3) I'm wondering why Montag and Beatty belive all of that stuff about books being so offending to some people. Like the example they use on page 60, blacks don't like certain books, and whites don't like certain books. I'm sure it is to some people, but they don't have to read them! They can do whatever they want! No need to resort to burning books to get rid of hostile feelings!

jordanh said...

morgant-i believe it is for 40-68.

my q's
1. Why do you think that Mildred overdosed if she claimed that she is so happy?

2. Despite of Clarissee's death, Montag is continuing to challenge the system. What inspires him to keep going?

3. It seems that in Bradbury's idea of a future world that people are destructive to relieve anger or frustration. Why isn't Montag taking part in this? after all, he is a fireman. What is setting montag apart from the rest?

morgant said...

Never mind! Sorry, I misread the blog. Those are my real questions! It is for pages 40-68!

hannahl said...

1. What is the government really afriad of, upsetting the minorities, of being hated and rebelled against?

I will continue later.

hannahl said...

2. What is the difference between intelligence and knowledge, and how is that important in this book?

3. Why does Montag seem to question what Beatty said when it is supposed to explain everything?

maddief said...

Hannah, I think that the government uses the excuse that they want everyone to be happy as a way to control everyone. They say that be burning books they are preventing war and fighting, but in reality they don't want people rebelling against the government. It's kind of like how some dictators changed history books to benefit themselves.

maddief said...

Does anyone else feel like Montag is a balloon of emotions about to burst? He seems so unhappy and he doesn't know what to do about it, and he hasn't even shown any grief over Clarisse's death. Is that just how society is in Montag's time,or is he just naturally stoic?

katyj said...

1.Is it just me or does Mildred seem a lot like the mom in Harrison Bergeron, in that she can only remember things for a short period of time, and doesn't seem to have much of an emotional range?
2. if Montag only just started to really think when he met Clarisse, then how come he took all those books before? come Bradbury made it seem like the book he took from the old womans house was the first time Montag had taken a book, when really he had taken many before that?

Liap said...

1. Why can't Mildred think about anything for too long?
2. Why does Mildred call the people in the Parlor her "relatives"?
3.Why can't Montag call Beatty?

mattf said...

Here are my questions:

1. Montag has obviously been collecting books for some time now, considering he pulled about twenty from the ceiling. Has he read any of them and does the mechanical hound know that he has them?

2. What happened to Clarisse? The book said she was hit and killed, but to me it sounds like there is something more to it.

3. Did Montag not have enough guts to call Beatty, or was it he was not physically able to call him? Also, it sounded like Beatty's lecture was a prepared speech. Do most firemen go through this sickness and take a book, and can Beatty identify who does it. Also, the book says the fireman have a 24 hour grace period to get rid of the books. Has Beatty used this rule before and read a book in 24 hours, which would explain where he knows the quotes from?

ParkerH said...

1. So if Montag had the books all along, why didn't he read them?
2. Why did Montag put the new book under his pillow instead of puting the new book in the ventilator grille spot?
3. Why does his wife forget for four days that Clarisse died?

KatherineM said...

1. Why does Milred have such a bad memory? Does everyone in this society have a bad memory?

2. How do you think Clarisse died?

3. Do you think Mildred will tell anyone about Montag's secret collection of books, or will she just forget about it?

Ryad said...

Katy- yeah Mildred does remeind me of the mom from Harrison Bergeron. I was right about there being books in the vent but I didn't realize that there were so many.
Was Montag already wondering about the system and Clarrise unintentionaly pushed him into challenging it?

josed said...

Ok, here are my questions:

1.) How can Mildred not know what a TV show she's watching is about? More importantly: WHY ISN'T MONTAG LIKE THAT?

2.) What does Beatty mean when he says that things began to have mass when the photo came about? Is he talking about them being tangible?

3.) How come Mildred treats the books like vicious animals and gets away from them? I didn't think anyone at that age still thought an inanimate object could kill them.

beckyg said...

1. Do you think Beatty knows that Montag has books? If so, why did he not burn Montag and his books? Did he himself go through the same curiosity and need to know? Also, if he knows about the books, wouldn't he know too that Montag has been collecting books for a while? If he did, why didn't he do anything about it, and why did he mention the 24 hour grace period? Does he hope that this will make Montag look through them quickly, and not grasp the full meaning? Does he hope that Montag will not like them if he does not have time with them, and therefore go back to being a good, law abiding citizen?

2. Does someone else know about the books? If so, could this be the person who programed the mechanical hound to possibly kill him? Why would this person set the hound on him rather than just alerting a fire department to kill him and burn his books? Do they think that seeing the corruption of another fireman could lead their curiosities to try to steal books also and see what they are about, challenging the system, causing the firemen to revolt, and changing the society?

3. When Beatty is mentioning Minorities, he mentions dog lovers, cat lovers, doctors, lawyers, merchants, chiefs, Texans, and people from Oregon. Does this mean that these people that are common now have been lost? Also, when he mentions Texans and people from Oregon as minorities, it made me think that they might have seperated from America. Does this mean there was some sort of civil war, and that they are no longer part of the US? If so, why? Were they tired of this life? Did they want change? If they wanted change so much to start a civil war, why don't other states feel the same way? Is this foreshadowing a change like this where Montag lives, possibly even started by him?

chelseas said...

My questions for pages 40-68 were…

1. What happened to Montag’s wife, Mildred, and why doesn’t she seem to care that Montag is sick?

2. Why or how does the fire chief, Captain Beatty know so much about books?

3. Do you think that Montag is suffering from an actual disease/sickness, or is he suffering because he is starting to think deeper about what Clarisse said?

4. Will Montag be killed if the authorities find out that he has books, or will they cut him any slack since he is a fireman?

5. Why does Mildred call the people that she watches on TV her “family”? Does she not have any living relatives, or just doesn’t keep in contact with them?

alyssas said...

1. I had the same question as Matt F. Has Beatty used the firemens' 24 hour grace period to read books? Is that how he knows a lot of information that other people don't?
2.I got kind of confused when they were talking about "relatives." They are the characters on Mildred's TV shows right?
3. Does anybody have any idea what the breathing Montag sensed in the middle of the night was? Was it an actual person or more of a subconcious feeling of Montag's?

lesliel said...

Alrighty now:

1) Dou you think that possibly the sea-shell Mildred is listening to all the time is keeping her awake or troubled? Do you think someone mysterious with knowledge might be talking to her through it?

2) It seems as if it's Mildred's brain that's trouble, so why do you think that mechanics replaced her blood and stomach?

3) What is the meaning of the quote said by Mildred on page 51: "that's water under the bridge"?

lesliel said...

Alrighty now:

1) Dou you think that possibly the sea-shell Mildred is listening to all the time is keeping her awake or troubled? Do you think someone mysterious with knowledge might be talking to her through it?

2) It seems as if it's Mildred's brain that's trouble, so why do you think that mechanics replaced her blood and stomach?

3) What is the meaning of the quote said by Mildred on page 51: "that's water under the bridge"?

maddisonm said...

1. Do you think that anyone knows that Montag has books? Could it be why the Hound is set against him?
2. Who might the 2nd visitor have been at the Montag’s door?
3. It seems throughout the first part of the book the reader starts to see the different sides to the characters. Explain what you think each main character’s personality is and how you see it changing.

morgant said...

maddief- That's exactly what I think!!! He is just about to burst with his secret book, Clarisse's disappearance, and Mildred is getting on his nerves. I think he will end up "bursting" soon!

catem said...

Here are my questions:

1. Clearly Clarrisse and her ideas provoked Montag to officially challenge the system. However he had collected books before he met Clarrisse. What do you think was his original motivation to take all these books?

2. With the information from my first question, does anyone else think that firemen might have a higher intelligence level than most people? Why does Montag not watch TV, and is he the only fireman that does that? Does anyone else think that maybe people are assigned to be firemen, to keep them from questioning the government? I mean it is hard to support things that you burn.

3. Do you think that Mildred will step up to the challenge, or do you think that her soul is too lost in the TV to help? How are they going to challenge the system in 24-48 hours.

4. This question has been asked many times, but I am also wondering about these "relatives". They seem like real family, because Montag knows there names, but it seems as though Mildred just observes their lives from a screen. Any ideas??

Lukez said...

Because of Montag's firemen statues, will the conciquences be as sever if he is caught with the books?
Do you think that all the books that Montag is the cause of the mechanical hound being so fierce towards him> Does the hound know?

How does the hound seem to be able to sense that Montag is doing something wrong?

amandah said...

1. I had the same question as lesliel. What is meant by the water and fire under the bridge quote?
2.If you notice the characters repeat some of the same words is there any significance to that?
3. Why does Beatty know so much? Why isn't he brainwashed like everyone else?

alexf said...

What do you think is the significance of Mildren calling her TV show "Her real family"?

Do you think that Montag and Mildren ever really talk?

Is Beadle really scare of Clarrisse and why would he be?

ashleyf said...

1. i know im repeating questions so if anyone has any answers, please share. What were thay talking about with the realatives in the walls or something like that? Was is a dream or something>

2. amandah. I did relize they repeate words over and over. I kind of think its a way of showing how people dont actually talk about anyhting so they repeate words too fill conversation.

3. Did anyone else find it kind of weird how Beatty lectured Montag about books adn what not, but if he shouldnt read them, why does he know so you said amanda.

4.Do you guys think that maybe Mildred will sell Montag out to the government for having books?

phoebef said...

1. Do Montag and his wife have an extended family? Are tehy the people Mildred talks to in the walls, or is she going insane?
2. Are there multiple hounds? If so how many, and how do they know who to watch?
3.Is how old is Beattey? How does Mantag view him? How does he view Montag?

NickB said...

1) How does montag relate to what is happenning in his head when he says that the ifection that took control of his hands is now crawling up his body?

2)What does the memories montag have of mildred represent? (p 44)

3)How does beatty's speach veiw what has happened in a good light? What are some points agianst that?

4) Do you think beatty knows what is happening in this society and goes with it because he thinks it is a way to utopia?

EXTRA RELATION I MADE: when montag was suddenly realizing how empty he was, it made me think of that cold-syrup commercial where the guy comes back from work all transparent like, and then drinks the cold-syrup which spreads through his body and then suddenly he is normal again.

MollyS said...

Why does Beattey suddenly feel the need to explain everything to Montag?

How does Beattey know about Clarisse? Does this back up the idea that the firemen might be the government?

Why does Beatty seem to know about the book Montag took??

kristinah said...

here are my questions:
1) Mildred forgot where and when montag and her met originally. Why do you think that she forgot this? Is it just not important to her?

2) How do you think that the death of clarisse effected montag and will effect the rest of the story?

3) on pg.51 montag seems to realize the horidness of burning books with people. But he has done this before without it bothering him. How does this show the effect of clarisse on him? How else has she effected him??

Javonm said...

1. Since they both forgot about their meeting before they got married does this show significance to relationships in the future.

2. Is montag suffering sickness from anxiety from clarisse, the book he stole, or both?

3.Does anyone else think that the governmetn is fireman considering the fireman have been following clarisse since she was a little girl?

4. When Mildred makes a reference to use to ust talking with someone (i forgot who) what does this make you feel differently about Mildred if you do at all?

DawnielleN said...

1. Was the government involved some how with Clarrise's death.

2. Will all the talk of books and government bring the two closer together or further apart?

3. (regarding the pills situation with Mildrid) Do you think that drugs that our sosiety looks down on could eer be tolerated in the future becuase of the way they make people feel? Or will there always be bad drugs and good drugs?

ZachH said...

1.) Do you think Clairsse was really hit by a car and killed? or did something else happen to her?

2.) Beatty tells Montag that ll fireman steal a book to find out what is in them. Do you think Montag will read the book he stole, or burn it? Will he tell anyone he took it? Mildred (who already really knows)? Beatty?

3.) I had the same question as Javon. Is it possible the government is just the fireman? On Monday i disagreed with this idea, but now it seems more likely. Thoughts?

stefo said...

1. If books are banned where is Capton Beatty getting all his information?
2. Is there a chance that the reality in the book could become our reality in the future?
3.How can Montag read if there aren't any book to learn how?

rsabey said...

1. So what do you guys think of Mildrid as two people that do not know eachother is?

2. How has montags view on fire changed throughout the book?

3. I wonder if it is significant that Montag does not remember Clarises name, like he only knew part of her?

clarao said...

1. What does Clarisse getting killed symbolize in the story?

2. Why didn't Montag tell his wife about the books he has been hiding sooner?

3. In this story, did people get paranoid and that's why society was downgraded?

alexd said...

Is Montag actually sick?

How did Clarisse change Montag's life?

How will Clarisse's death change the way Montag will do his job?

kristenw said...

what would happen if the firemen found out that Montag had books?

What really happen to Clarrisse(is what mildred said true)?

Where did Clarisse's family go?

kristenw said...

what would happen if the firemen found out that Montag had books?

What really happen to Clarrisse(is what mildred said true)?

Where did Clarisse's family go?

melissaz said...

1) Do we actually think that Mildred will listen to what the books and Montag have to "say", or is she so "vacant" that this will not effect her and possibly make the whole between them deeper?

2) Why did Beatty reaturn for a second time, what did he want to ask/say?

3) Was Clarisse really hit by a car or was she killed because of an attempt to get rid of this "odd one" and to return the community back to "harmony"?

4) Why does Montag start calling Mildred by a pet-name, Millie?

whitneys said...

1. What exaclty happened with the whole concussion thing?

2. So why did Montag show Mildred all the books that he had taken, cause it seems like she would be the one to defiantely tell the authorities?

3. Why is all this stuff just suddenly starting to bother Montag? Is it because Clarisse opened his eyes and allowed him to start thinking about things?

ryanm said...

1. is death a regular thing among teens? because no one really seems to care except Montag

2.Are people assigned professions according to the social group they are born into?

3.Did Beatty and the rest of the firemen kill Clarisses family?

mattw said...

Was Clarisse's death really an accident? Could the government have something to do with it?

If people discovered that the government really did arrange Clarisse's death, would they begin to question their loyalty to their government?

Is Clarisse smart? Do you always have to know how things happen to be smart?

Is it better to know "how", or "why"?

macm said...

I only have really one question, Why does Mildred get so much pleaure out of her tv "family"? She seems to care about them more than she cares about Montag.

morganw said...

Do you think Beatty used to be a proffesor or some kind of scholar? Otherwise, how would he know so much history? I that just something he knows because that is how he was taught when he first became a Firemen Captain?

Will Montag eventually meet up with Clarisse's family?

Was Montag's family like Clarisse's family at some point?