Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yup, it's a survey

few quick questions:

1) do/did you play an instrument? If so, which one(s)?
2) what genre of music do you most listen to?
3) are you right or left brained?
4) do you listen to music that matches your current mood, or does your mood change to match the music you hear?
5) do you listen to music when you study? if so, is it for concentration or just to "fill the silence"?
6) have you ever been embarassed of sharing your taste in music with others?

THANKS you can just put one or two word answers, but expand if you want.


NickB said...

1 bass clarinet
2 Ska is the most amazing thing on earth (Bandets of the Acoustic Revolution is a good ska band)
3 about even
4 Oh yeah.
5 no, almost no one knows about ska, and I didn't ether untill about two years ago. My very good friend turned me on to it, and i dont care what other people think because if they say ska isn't very good, I know their lieing.

lesliel said...

1) piano
2) alternative
4)changes with the music I hear
5) sometimes and both
6) no

ParkerH said...

1. Oboe, and sort of piano
2. alternative, rock I guess.
3. left brained
4. Both
5. Not really
6. Definitely

alexf said...

1. Yes, drums and bass
2. Rock/alternative/christian
3. Both, a lilttle more right
4. Well, if i am feeling a little down, i will match that mood, but usually i just put on whatever i feel like. It doesn't ususally change my mood
5. Well, when i do anything that doesn't involve writing, i listen. Other than that, i just listen to music because i love it so i guess it kinda fills the silence if you look at it that way
6. Yes! usually with people that listen to harder music tho. Other than that, not really.

melissaz said...

1) Piano
2) I listen to a lot, depends on the artist.
3) Just a little more right but very close to even.
4) I listen to music that matches my curent modd.
5) I like music sometimes when I study because it helps to pass the time a little faster and I can sometimes, depending on what type of homework, focus better.
6) Sometimes, I guess it depends. But not really.

Laurenc said...

1) Violin, Piano, and a bit of bass guitar
2) Alternative Rock
3) Right brained
4) Sometimes..i listen to calm music when i'm tired but I don't always match my moods with music.
5) It depends on what i'm studying..I can't listen to music when I read but when I do math and science then yes
6) Yes because I listen to a lot of japanese rock and a lot of other foreign music

morganw said...

1) Piano, clarinet, sing
3)left brained - barely
4)both - start out with 1st one, then 2nd
5)only certain songs. sometime concentration, sometimes to fill silence
6)a while ago, yah. Now I'm over that.

morgant said...

1. piano
2. pop, alternative
3. mostly left brained
4. I mostly listen to music that matches my mood
5. yes. filling the silence
6. yeah.

caitlina said...

1. violin
2. christian
3. right
4. both
5. it helps me study
6. nope

Selenam said...

1. I used to play the cello.
2. Anything really.
3. About even.
4. I usually match the music to my mood, but sometimes I'll change my mood according to the music.
5. A little of both.
6. Not usually.