Monday, February 18, 2008

More Questions!

Hey guys! These are a few questions for all of those people who like to draw out there.

1) What do you ask yourself when you are drawing, or do you just start drawing?

2) How do you make a picture effective?

3) Do you just draw or really look at what you're drawing and look at the proportions?

4) Do you sometimes try to get a message across to a viewer?

5) How do you establish the difference between what really matters in the picture and what isn't really necessary?

Thank you!


mattw said...

1. I usually figure out what mood I'm in at the time, then play music to match it, then draw something to match THAT.

2. Not sure what you mean by that, but I guess I focus alot on the smaller details.

3. I look at the proportions, because I do portraits, and the human face has SOOOOO many proportions it would look insane if I didn't.

4. Yes, and it often ends up being depressing....

5. I guess by really knowing what you want to draw. I used to go WAY overboard with the hair, and give a pale asian woman sideburns without meaning to. Just keep it simple. It's easier to add on than take away.

Selenam said...

1. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to draw something specific, other times I just start drawing random things.
2. I focus on porportion, balance, and detail.
3. I tend to look hard at what I'm drawing and make sure it looks 'correct'
4. Not very often.
5. I focus on the details when I draw, so after I think it's finished, I look over the whole picture and make sure it 'works'. If it doesn't, I tweak it until it does.

Madisont said...

When I draw, first i need a basic shape of the picture in my head. I am very visual so even having a picture out in front of me helps. I usually am trying to get a msg to my viwers depending on my mood.

The only way I can make a picture effective is drawing the small details to make the big picture so much more noticeable.

Madisont said...
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Madisont said...
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morganw said...

1) When I draw its usually because I've found inspiration and the first thing I do is put on music to match my mood or the mood in the drawing. Then I just draw.

2)I try not to think about it too much, and let myself focus on the simple aspects of the picture. I pay special attention to proportions and moods that I'm trying to draw. First I try to sketch out a big picture, to get my ideas on the paper, and then I focus on making the details clear, so the picture is understandable.

3)Both. I've basically answered this question already, but oh well. I just draw and try to make things as real as possible. I try to look at the picture from different perspectives.

4) Often, yes. I usually draw pictures of characters from various books, games, or from my own imagination. I try to place the character in a setting or situation and in the drawing I try to capture the emotion of it.

5)I don't really. I just draw and erase, and fix and draw and stop and stare, then erase some more, stare at it some more and draw till I get it "as good as it's gonna get" and then I leave it for awhile. Then maybe the next day I'll come back and look at again, find something I want to fix, change it, and call it good (That is, until I look at it at a later date and discover something vitally important that just has to be changed)

caitlina said...

l. I have to agree with Morgan on this one. I draw when I find inspiration, or when I am trying to get an idea down on paper, like a design for my room.
2. How do I make a picture effective? Good question. I think that if there is a lesson that I want someone to learn or a feeling that I want to get across, I use color. Bright colors like yellow and orange for happiness, then darker colors for gloomy, or pondorous. And then a mix of colors for craziness, being ecstatic.
3. I think I just draw if I am trying to get an idea across. But if I want to get things just right, like a person, then I would use proportions.
4. Yes. But usually a feeling. Like I said above in number two.
5. I don't think I have ever really thought about that. I think that I draw what really matters, the big picture, but the details don't always matter.