Monday, February 18, 2008

Just a Couple Questions...

Hey everyone, I am writing my paper on the affect music has on education and learning. I have a couple quick questions for you all to answer if possible...

1. Do you listen to music while you study?
2. Do you enjoy listening to music during class?
3. Do you think that music affects your ability to remember facts?
4. Do you think that music affects your ability to pay attention?
5. How often do you listen to music? (Per week)



mattw said...

1. Yes, all the time.
2. If I'm allowed to, yah. (and sometimes when I'm not...)
3. Sometimes... I don't make songs out of the bones in my body or anything like that
4. Yah. If it's quiet, I'm constantly looking for something to fill the silence and I for some reason get much more easily distracted. With music though, I enjoy myself or something like that...
5. Um... whenever I'm at home... or on my off hours... or in the hallways.... or when I'm asleep... or awake...

morgant said...

1. most of the time
2. yes
3. I think probably effects me in a negative way...I just like to fill the silence so to speak.
4. yes I usually don't concentrate as well.
5. probably every day...approximately

melissaz said...

1. Sometimes, I like to.
2. Yes depending on what we are doing. If we are talking with other students about ideas or doing a worksheet, math that is good. But when I am reading or taking a test it can sometimes be too distracting.
3. Not really
4. It can depending on what I need to focus on. Sometimes I get too caught up in the music but others I can focus much better.
5. Everyday, to some extent.

morganw said...

1) Sometimes, yes. But only certain songs (generally Mozart) otherwise I get too distracted.
2)Sometimes. Same thing with the first question - some music can be too distracting.
3)Yes. It helps me remember things
4)Definitly - sometimes it helps to focus me, but not always on what I want to be focused on.
5) About 2 to 3 hours every day

Ryad said...

1)Constantly unless I'm reading.

2)Yes, it keeps me from getting distracted.

3)Sometimes I can remember what I was studying by what song I was listening to.

4)Wow this takes some math, I'd say about 6-8 hours on week days and 8 or more on weekends. (It's a big part of me)

caitlina said...

1. All the time
2. Yes, whether it's the teacher playing the music or myself
3. I think so. I feel like I concentrate more when I listen to music.
4. Yes. I think that music stimulates my brain, so that I can process my work.
5. I listen every day : )

amyw said...
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amyw said...

1. I ALWAYS listen to music when I study! Otherwise it's hard for me to concentrate.
2. I love listening to music during class. Teachers that let us do this rock :-)
3. Yes, I do. When I listen to a song while studying and then go back and listen again, sometimes I can remember what I was studying.
4. It definitely affects my ability to pay attention! I helps me concentrate and stay focused.
5. I listen to music every day (A LOT). Probably a couple hours at school (I have two classes where we're allowed to listen to iPods) and around 3 or 4 hours at home. I definitely listen more on the weekends too. I can't imagine NOT listening to music even for just a day!