Saturday, February 9, 2008

I have a few questions I need you to answer to help me with my paper thanks!

Here are some questions I need you to answer to help me with my paper, if you don't mind! thank you!

1. In terms of design, what would you improve about your school?

2. What do you think would help improve your learning in school?

3. Do you think there is enough student space in your school? What do you like about it or don't like about it?

4. Do you think there the structure of your school enhances your learning? Why or why not? what would you do to improve it?

5. What do you think of the location of our school? Why? If no where would you rather have it located?

6. What is your least favorite thing about the school in terms of design? What is your favorite?

7. What would you want our school to look like if it were re-designed?

8. Do you like where the cafeteria, gym, library, bathroom. and forum are located? If not where would you locate them or what would you do if you could change them? why?

9. What would you change about the design of your classrooms?

10. If you were to paint the walls inside the school what colors would you paint them?

11. How does the design of the school impact your learning? Do you think your learning can be enhanced if it was designed differently? If so how?


lesliel said...

1) BATHROOMS!!! more window, more colors.

2) better surroundings... more ventalated. So I don't get sick!

3) Yes, enough space, except during passing periods because of the crouds.

4) hmm I don't know...

5) I like it! Lots of good off campus places! If I could move it I'd probably have it in a place where we had more room for sports feilds or stadiums... but I would keep the off campus stuff too. =D

6) Bathrooms or lockeroom because they're both gross and the bathrooms aren't very well placed. Favorite would be the Deca Store.

7) More colorful and fun looking, I would have windows and I would make it more like nature.. that kind of sounds stupid but I would.

8) I think I would change the Library to the very middle of the school and move the class rooms to the edges, and if I couldn't make another bathroom on the other side of the school I would just switch it to the middle as well. Everything else is good!

9) I might not make them all rectangular... I'd make them a bunch of different shapes.

10) All colors! but still a lot of yellow and black

11) I think in a way it does, because I feel trapped in the rooms sometimes, and if I felt more free, I guess, then I would probably learn better. The rest of my answers probably answer this question.

mattw said...

1.) hallways. It's like Baghdad everytime you go from class to class. God help anyone who drops something. If you fall, your doomed. You truly are.

2.) Allowing iPods. Music helps me think INFINITELY better than silence.

3.) I don't because the only place you can really work is the library or cafeteria. I think it's flat out stupid to have to work in the lunchroom. The library at my middle school was bigger than the one here. Not much is good about this.

4.) Like in #1 - hallways are dangerous. I also hate how every single room looks the same; a cramped, blank, box of solitude. I get VERY BORED with it. Change it up a bit... PLEASE!?!?!?!?!!?

5.) I like how close it is to starbucks and what-not, but I don't like to have to cross dry creek to get there. I like how Heritage is in the middle of a forest. I like wilderness.

oh, and we need a Ramen shop near school. GO RAMEN!!!!!!

6.) LEAST - once again the hallways. It's like a big figure eight.
FAVORITE - I do kinda like going through the cafeteria to get to all my classes. I can make a quick food stop, and it increases my chances of running into my friends in passing periods.

7.) A mansion - because then I'd be able to pretend I'm a rich kid who goes to a fancy boarding school.
Or a freaking MASSIVE bubble.

8.) -Cafeteria is fine
-the gymS I think are in a good place. It keeps the stench in one half of the school
-Library not really - I would've never found it without a map. It just looks like another classroom when you walk by.
-bathroom I guess so. It's impossibly stupid how the entire student body gets only one for each gender IN THE LUNCH ROOM, and the staff gets to use those and their own private ones throughout the school.
- Forum same as library. I never would've found it if my teacher didn't take us their himself. That has to be the dumbest place.

9.) make them bigger and shaped like fruit.

10.) Tan and red in the North and South hallways, black in the science hallway, black and gold in the gyms, blue in all the other hallways EXCEPT for the art hallway, which would be COVERED with student paintings.

11.) The design of the room I'm in changes how I think. Fruit makes me think more.

mattw said...
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Ryad said...

1) We need more bathrooms!
2) Probably more projects and designing things.
3) I think there is enough space and it's generally pretty comfortable.
4)I think the structure of a school has a lot to do with how you learn. I would say that it would help if all our classes were connected in some way. Like when we were reading Macbeth we could have learned about that time period in history. Things like that help a lot.
5)I love the location of our school. It's in a place where there is enough to do on your off hours without getting so distracted that you miss your next class.
6) My least favorite thing is the fact that their are no windows. I love that mostly the classes for certain subjects are all together.
7)I would make the halls bigger.
8) All those are good except for the bathrooms. We need them in more central places like in north and south halls.
9) I'm not sure thats a hard one.
10) I would make them brigher instead of boring white.

morganw said...

1) Bathrooms - we need more of them and they desparatly need a new paint job

2) better ventalation and more fresh air

3) The hallways and the cafeteria get really crowded. I like how the library is set up though.

4)I've never really though about it...

5)I like it because it's with in walking distance of alot of restaurants and stuff.

6)Least favorite - bathrooms; favorite - library

7)Close to how it is now, but with more bathrooms. These questions are hard

8) I honestly never think about that. The cafeteria and gym are okay. I like the library, there needs to be a second set of WORKING bathrooms, and I think we (as students) should have access to the forum from the library.

9)I'd give the teachers more freedom with decorations. The plain white walls get really boring without something to jazz them up.

10) I'd keep them white, but I'd put up some murals on them to enhance them. The problem with painting all the walls any one color is that some students or teachers may really dislike that color and find it distracting. Also, no matter what color it is, if it's everywhere on every wall its going to get real boring real fast. If I had to paint the walls colors, I would paint them different colors and light shades of the colors.

11) Sometimes the rooms feel confining, and I can't concentrate as much, but I can't really name anything specifically about design that would enhance my learning.

Sorry if my answers weren't specific enough, I just found the questions to be really difficult to answer.

caitlina said...

1. I would add color to the classroom, and make every class a laptop class.
2. If the teachers did more interactive learning, that way I would remember things easily.
3. I think so.
4. I don't think that the structure of the building affects my learning, but maybe the low ceilings. They are kind of imposing.
5. I like the location of our school. It is in a great location, right by Starbucks and Chipotle. It is not hard to find.
6. I don't really have a least favorite thing. My favorite thing about the school, is the variable schedule, and the off hours. I love being able to get homework done, so I don't have to worry about it in the evening.
7. I like the school the way it is right now, but I think that it would be neat if there were more classrooms like E-9, in the auditorium style. Oh- and I would get rid of the locker rooms, they are nasty. I would put in new ones immediately. And make the showers higher.
8. It would be nice if there were more bathrooms instead of just in the locker rooms and the cafeteria. But other than that I like where things are located.
9. I would make more classes laptop classes, and make the classrooms in auditorium style.
10. I would paint them beige, tan, peach or another calming color.
11. I think that I would learn more if the classrooms weren't so plain. Then I wouldn't feel like my learning was forced.

aweber said...

1. classrooms in general. especially the orchestra/choir room... give orchestra their own room dangit!
2. music fo sho
3. in the hall, no. in class, yes.
4. well the square rooms are boring, but the outside looks cool enough.
5. our location is pretty beast. we are next to a chipotle! c'mon! and sarbucks, king soopers, its great.
6. the rooms are boring, the cafeteria's openness is pretty good.
7. i'm not sure... maybe make the rooms cool, add an orchestra room,