Saturday, February 23, 2008

Daniel Pink Questions

Hey everyone, I wasn't sure where we were told to put our Questions, so I made this Blog. Have A great weekend!


rsabey said...

Mr. Pink, I have thought alot about what one Question I am going to ask you... so here it goes.

Do right brained people tend to "get" mentel ilness more often due to the way they are "programed" to think?

Where this question came from
- The whole thing where if you only had a left side of a brain and someone yelled at you to go clean yur room you would only understand what you were told to do, not the anger that it was told to you in, and visa versa.
-Also alot of artists, poets, and writters have/ had deppresion etc.
Thank you Mr. Pink

ParkerH said...

I also wasn't sure where to put my question, so I put it here.

Mr. Pink, I have been saying, "everything in moderation" many times this year, and I would like to ask if you agree with this statement, and why or why not.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rachel. I couldn't find a place either.

I was wondering if you ever felt that you have created a complete, androgynous mind like the kind you talk about in your book? Are you satisfied being left or right-brain (whichever you are) or are you still striving for a "whole new mind"?

melissaz said...

Hey guys. We are supposed to post our questions under, One Question for Daniel Pink. If you look under the February posts, you should see this title.

I hope this helps anyone else!

mattw said...

In case you still can't find it, it's below the video with the apple on it.

kristenw said...

I don't know where it is either so ya?

Mr. Pink what sparked the idea to write this book or waht inspired you?

Tylerg! said...

Why did you decide to write this book now in your life? What event triggered this?