Friday, February 22, 2008

Reflections or Continued Conversation on Meaning

Hi. I thought someone at least might want to blog again, so I decided to put this up. The only real subject is the fishbowl. Anyways, have fun.



kristinah said...

Thanks for putting this up Parker. I really wanted to tell everyone something but it never really came up as a subject so I just didn't say anything. So here is what I read in the afterword. Pink finally flat out said that, " They (all of the alpitudes) reside in us all, and need only be nurtured into being. He also stated that our world moves at a furious pace and he hopes that this book provides us with the insiration and the toolls we will need to make the journey. So for the first quote... Why do you think that pink waited until the afterword, something most people dont read, to tell us this? And that last quote finally tells us that Pink is not trying to be a grand discoverer of something new but instead he is trying to help guide us into a new age so that we do not fall behind.
Thanks again for setting this up!!

hannahl said...

kristinah- I think he put this in the afterword because he didn't know that people would see his thinking as new until he had published the book, and then he realized that he needed to tell his readers that these are fundamental characteristics that he is trying to get us to cultivate. I am glad he brought this up, even if it was a little late, because it shows what his intent in writing the book was.

melissaz said...

Kristina- I do remember reading somewhere in the very begining that these aptitudes are like muscles in our body. We all have them but we need to work on them to make them stronger. Refer back to page 67 right before we start reading about the 6 senses, the last paragraph and you will see what I mean. At least I hope this is what you were asking about. "Fear not. The high-concept, high-touch abilities that now matter most are fundamentaly human attributes...These abilities have always comprised part of what it means to be human. But after a few generations of in the Information Age, these muscles have atrophied. The challenge is to work them back into shape" (page 67).

So I hope this helps answer what you were asking!