Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good cause or not??

Hey guys,
This is yet another survey, except you could call it something else because that word is getting kind of old. I will call it a questionare.
Here is the question.
If you had to choose between buying something that supported a cause and something that didnot which would you choose?
Have you ever been faced with this choice?? Explain which product it was and if you supported it.

Do you remember facts better when you are just given them quickly and then have a test the day after or do you remember them more when the teacher gives you time to read it, maybe even in a story, and then you take a test on it a while later. Like we did with macbeth and the parts where we read it and acted it out versus just be handed a list of facts to memorize?

Thank You so much,
P.S. You don't even have to leave a lengthy answer, simply a yes to supporting a cause or a no to not and the name of a product you have been faced to decide between for this reason.


mattw said...

I would choose the "charity" one, and yes I have been faced with this. The product was a CD at a music store. One CD said the money made from its sales would help hurricane katrina victims because that's where the band was from. I chose it over the normal CD.

For me to remember facts, all it takes is my interest. If we are studying a topic that I'm really interested in, and the teacher does the "read and memorize" method, I will remember them just fine. But if the teacher is doing interactive learning with a subject I hate, I won't learn it well or memorize it at all.

hannahl said...

It depends on the cause. If it were a bottle of water supporting John McCaine, I would stay far away. I think that for History especially, it is important to see a big picture story of what we are studying (world war II for example) and then take a test a few weeks later. We usually do this because my teacher likes to spend time discussing and understanding topics and supplementing them with interesting facts to make us get an idea for the era.

melissaz said...

I agree with Hannah, it depends on what the product supports. Sorry I do not have a very good example.

I remember facts better if I have time. Let me say it different, if I am going to try and remember these facts actually after the test, I need time. But some of the time I am just trying to keep it in my head just so I can spill it out for the test and not worry about it again. Also, I feel if a teacher has too man quizes and tests along the way, you don't see the whole picture and bring it all together; like Hannah said.

stephenf said...

I can't say I would simply buy something to just support a cause. I usually donate money but if I don't need the product it is kind of pointless to buy. Now if it were between to products that were the same and I needed it I would then by the one that helped a good cause.

morgant said...

I agree with hannahl. It depends on the cause. If it supported cancer or something, I would definitely buy that instead of the other. I remember facts better when a teacher gives us time to learn them.

morganw said...

I agree with what everybody else has been saying so far. It depends on the cause. If I support the cause then I would definitly go for the "charity" product.

I definitly remember things better when I have plenty of time for them to sink in and for me to really understand them. It especially helps when there is a story attatched to them.

caitlina said...
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caitlina said...

Kristina~ I have bought items before who's profits go to charity before. I have bought alot of the bracelets, like LIVEstrong, and the pink bracelets for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. I have also bought socks that support charities. I believe that if an item's profit goes to a foundation, no matter how expensive that item is, then it is worth buying to support that cause.

I learn things better if I have time to let things sink in. That way I can process the new information, and understand it before I am tested. Especially in math. I would prefer to have time to do some example problems, so that way I feel confident when it comes time for the test.

amyw said...

I would definitely buy something if it went for a cause versus something that didn't go for a cause. But, like everyone else has been saying, it has to be a cause I like and support. I faced an example of this when shopping at the Gap. They have a collection of clothes called Product(Red), and half the proceeds from the sales go to support fighting of HIV/AIDS in Africa. This is a very worthy cause, and knowing that I could buy a piece of clothing that helps AIDS victims versus buying a piece of clothing that doesn't really help anyone molded my decision.

kristinah said...

Thank you everyone. I would also buy the cause related item because I would actually feel guilty if I had chosen not to buy that one over the other just for about a dollar more.